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  1. How would that help him? VRK is not mentioned in the first post.
  2. Is this a workaround to get VRK working? If not, is there a way to get VRK running without Steam VR. Asking for a mate.
  3. Looks like they've tried to improve the functionality by allowing a re-centre of the mouse with a button click in "use mouse" mode as described above. Problem created is that it doesn't disappear. In VR head locked mode before you could make the cross disappear with a button click, now we're stuck with it always on. We are still unable to interact with the comms menu using head movement in "use mouse" mode yet we can with the head locked mode. We've been asking for this to be fixed since 2016.
  4. I'm having the opposite experience. MP servers are transformed for me as so often FPS drops below 45 in MP. With MR always on even a full carrier deck is workable instead of nauseous at 22fps MR and at 30fps it's a good experience for me. Total game changer in this regard. I still cannot go near this mod with MR off though.
  5. I've gone the other way at 130%. I'll settle for an acceptable 30fps MR on the ground with 45 being the new 90 in the air. Clarity is best I've seen in DCS. For the type of mission our squadron runs this could just work.
  6. I thought I would give this a go. Same result as before for me. Instant action Cauc/F18 free flight. FPS fluctuates between 60-80. Not at all smooth looking sideways, unplayable really. With MR always on, very smooth@45 or 90 I've had this conversation before with a mate who swears that he's having a smooth experience with Steam VR/motion smoothing off. Never got to the bottom of why we were having different experiences.
  7. 3090/I59600k@4800. I must be missing something here. With MR Always on and XR render scale at 100%+ I'm getting a very good image with the MR doing a great job, particularly @30fps which is a game changer in multiplayer servers. There are however the downsides of reprojection present. I'm confused at the enthusiasm for MR off. Seems to me that unless you're hovering around 5 or so of this 90/45 fps "soft lock" consistently, anywhere in-between is a blurry slideshow when looking sideways out of the cockpit. Missions don't generally draw resources in that way.
  8. I had the same black screen when launching DCS with the 0.5 OVGME install by Edmuss. I swapped out the open composite ini with the one posted by OP and it worked. Image was good, but juddery when dropping below 90fps as I would expect (I don't know how people can put up with this) I then turned on Motion Reprojection in XR and had the same black screen issues again. Tried automatic and always on to no avail. Launches fine disabled but without reprojection the game is unplayable for me. Looks like this shows promise, but I'll wait until reprojection works properly.
  9. I assume you have mapped the VRNS re centre to the same binding/button as your DCS re centre? That fixed the problem for me.
  10. I can't seem to get vrperfkit and Reshade 5.0 to work together. Both fine on there own, but if vrperfkit is enabled, In the Reshade setup exe I get a message "dxgi.d11 already exists but does not belong to reshade"
  11. See post 7 page 1 of this thread from SOH and expand the text. Clear instructions you may not have seen. Edit- this thread Reshade 5.0 gets native support for VR - Page 2 - Virtual Reality - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  12. The comms menu is a pain in the neck this way as it switches to a separate cursor. You also need to re centre it every time you use the mouse. The suggestion to disable/enable the "use mouse" function in the VR settings via a mappable button click would be really useful I think.
  13. I was getting this. Fixed it by clearing the environment data. There is also an option in Windows MR settings to turn off "fade to grey when positional tracking is lost"
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