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  1. I think it has a looooooong way to go. Happy to support the devs and I'm not doubtful on the final outcome. It's just that now, this map is not for everyone, that's for sure. I've tried to take some gorgeous screenshots as wallpapers (as I usually do) on this map and I've did not managed to get anything even changing datetimes, weather... it is not ready yet.
  2. I'm afraid I could not share the enthusiasm I've read in some places. Although obviously opens lots of new possibilities to the sim and that's totally welcome, I don't think it should be released at this status at this price point. I took some long flights yesterday with the Yak to explore the map and discover the details on the different environments, and while the Falklands look totally great, I feel that the textures are really poor at the moment, for a moment I felt like if I was in FSX 15 years ago. As well as some terrible polygonal mesh in the mountains as well. Later I took the Tomcat to make some high altitude flights and there the situation improves but still not what I've expected seeing some early impressions. I'm sure there is still a lot of work to do and that would get better eventually, however seeing the status of PG and Syria when they where released, this is really far from that, at a higher price point.
  3. Absolutely in agree, it could be possible to have some lighting for VFR night flying and not have IFR capabilities. At this point I hope for any update the Yak could get as it seems a totally abandoned module. About the missions discussed in last posts, I do have what I think is a really nice mission for the Yak in Syria that I have been developing from some time ago. It needs a bit more of polish and I will upload here for anyone who wants to try it.
  4. I'm not sure if the Yak-52 its IFR capable IRL. Most probably the version modelled it is not, so it does not have any lighting of any kind. In fact it doesn't have any switch or button related. But I agree it could be a nice addition, with a cockpit integrated NS430, for a newer version. They have few modules with it already.
  5. Nice to see the Yak getting some love, I hope it can get out of EA state soon. As for the DM I wouldn't be too enthusiast seeing the development pace this module had. I hope to get at least virtual damage model (if not visual), right now you can go with overheated engine for hours and hours and absolutely nothing happens, the systems are always working without any issue or failure. I expect some improvements there, that requires realistic engine management. As example, the L-39 and C-101 modules have lots of possibilities in failures behaviour, I would love to see this kind of fun in the Yak.
  6. I hope the Yak gets finished in 2022. I love this module.
  7. 6 months later there is still absolutely nothing. It's a shame because I really enjoy the Yak in Syria map with the 2.7. And I'm pretty sure they will fix the current issues (bugs, lod, damage model, new prop model) in no time if they will put some effort on it. Or maybe they can just relay on a 3rd party to help finishing the job. It's not about economically return of the module, which obviously seems pretty bad. It's about the costumers that have bought an EA module and the moral actions needed to support your released product and your clients.
  8. Thanks so much for the clarification. I definitely hope for some updates to the module this year. Right now it really feels unfinished.
  9. I did some testing on Syria few days ago with some IFR flying in 2.7. (single player, from mission editor) Radio comms working ok with simple communications disabled and "push to talk" key binded to my hotas. Departure and destination airfields working ok with their respectives radio frequencies. Ground crew working ok in departure airfiled but not on the destination one, not sure why. Navigation working ok on Khz VORs in Syria map.
  10. Latest nVidia drivers are recommended or not? (I'm just one step behind latest driver I think) It is worth the update, keep or downgrade the driver? Installed 2.7, cleaned out shaders/fxo, same campaign mission, starting from the ramp, before I had about 30-40fps , now I've got 25 fps at max and it's pretty unplayable. i7-8700k auto OC, RTX3070 8GB light OC, 1440p , mid to high settings, pretty clean windows and everything
  11. Is the new propeller simulation effects applied to the Yak-52? I have not tried 2.7 yet. Thanks
  12. If anyone is interested, in the end I've found that the only way to advance/get success in Hinds mission is to manually edit the files and selecting the next scenario.
  13. I recently asked ED on the steam forum to give some love to the Yak-52. @BIGNEWY answered that they will reallocate some people when other jobs were done, so I hope they will have some commitment to this module this year. I'm quite enjoying the module specially on Syria map, but it's needed to complete at least the basic features like navigation - we actually have similar system on the L-39C so I think it has to be an "easy" development...
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