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  1. I've been using a T.1600M for years with all the high fidelity modules. In conjunction with the keyboard flying and controlling weapons even on the A-10C is no problem. I find the T.1600M good for fly helicopters to.
  2. I upgraded my rig over Christmas and was tempted to copy DCS over from my old system but wasn't sure about registry keys etc. Downloading was a bit slow with the free deal over the holiday period, I guess the servers were getting a thrashing. Brand new install is a good idea with your new Rig.
  3. Both the Mirage and Viggen are fantastic, I have both in my virtual hanger. If your into low level interdiction sorties go Viggen, but if fly by wire multirole action is your thing go Mirage. The Viggen also has an anti ship role that can be a real challenge so buy the SAAB and enjoy.
  4. Upgraded from a i5 4670k@4.2GHz, 16GB@1866MHz, GTX970, SSD combo. With the 5900x the CPU is at 12% Utilisation with DCS graphics set high with depth of field and motion blur ticked. Nearly went for the 5950x but felt it would be splitting hairs performance wise for the extra money.
  5. Maybe a RTX 3000 series GPU that fits your budget. I just finished my AMD built after upgrading from a i5 4670k, 16GB, GTX970, SSD combo. Those RTX 3000 series are worth the money.
  6. Just finished this build and about to test out DCS World. My Rig specs below.
  7. Any chance the Disable Aero Interface check box can be put back as an option?? Windows 7 now gives me a performance warning about disabling aero and going to basic interface when playing DCS. I've tried going to a basic interface but get screen tearing in cockpit with v sync on, I never had the warning or tearing when the Disable Aero Interface option was available and v sync was checked.
  8. I've turned off all Antialiasing and Anisotropic in DCS and turned on FXAA and Anisotropic 16x in Nvidia control panel, it's made a big difference to performance, 60 fps with v sync on. I'm running a GTX 970 and 16 Gb RAM, the F 14 is running sweet now.
  9. Hey thanks for the info Vibora, the C-101 has developed into a nice aircraft and well worth the wait.
  10. I'm having problems with the rudder peddles vibrating and a jack hammer noise going at the same time. I've tried everything including repair and deleting input folder, it's got me stumped
  11. Another test flight... Aircraft clean configuration at 33000ft straight and level flight the controls became slow at 0.7 Mach until somewhere between 0.9 Mach and 1.0 Mach when compression stall made it depart from controlled flight, I really didn't expect it would reach that mach number while straight and level???
  12. IAS was around 600kph, seems to get worse the higher the altitude.
  13. I've noticed the controls become very slow around 30000ft, for example the roll rate is like a Cessna 172 not a Mig 15. Has anyone else noticed this, it's like icing on the wings???
  14. Changed loadout from the 1st CAP option to Intercept and have just had a freeze free hour long flight, could that CAP loadout have a bug????
  15. Well no more 2 second black screen while flying the Hornet but had it freeze. Something I noticed was you can fly below 20000 and it hasn't locked up, only while up at 28000+ ??? Attached log and dxdiag. Thanks for your help dcs.log.zip DxDiag.txt
  16. I'm getting the same issue, my screen went black for a second or two before the freeze, all good at my end DCS World stable runs fine
  17. My freezes have defrosted I hope... Started DCS 2.5 with 1 pre rendered frame in Nvidia control panel and the sim would lock normally coming into land. So went to 3 PRF and no freezes but the odd micro freeze, OK with that until after hours of flying in different modules it locked up. So went to allow application controlled PRF and no micro freezes or lock ups so far. One more thing turned off MSAA in DCS 2.5 and turned on FXAA in Nvidia control panel.
  18. Just finished updating and despite installing latest C++ DCS World would not start, some C++ dll missing rubbish error ?? Anyway I reinstalled a fresh copy from Microsoft and DCS World fired up no problem and now have the Viggen sitting on the ramp at Nellis all loaded with arms and Jet A1 ready to start. I'd already installed the latest runtime before the update BUT for some strange reason DCS would not start until the C++ runtime was reinstalled.
  19. Hey Mud, Oops my bad, just about to load up my rig and update. Only other thing is to delete all the save game file stuff and let DCS World rebuild, don't forget to save your config file.
  20. Fellow Pilots, Do you have VC14 runtime installed as per update 1 change log ???
  21. Well after an update in 1.5 or 2.0 I always go into my User/Saved Games file and delete all files within the DCS folder, but make sure I save to desktop the input folder found in the User/Saved Games/DCS/Config folder to save the control inputs. I then restart DCS World and the deleted folders are rebuilt, I then close the sim and put the input folder back into the config folder. The only time I've had decreased performance is if I haven't done these steps. I hope this helps
  22. How about saving your input file in and trashing the rest in User/Saved Games. Let DCS World rebuild them and replace your saved input file, I do this every update and both versions run 60fps vsync locked
  23. Had the same problem for the first time in 2.0, it happened a few seconds after being hit by ground fire, the bird was still fully operational but left me wondering was there any relationship ??
  24. Just flew the L39 again and it's still happing, sorry to get off subject but I'm also getting a stutter releasing rockets, the first pair out of the pods will cause it on any given straffing run, again I'm so sure it wasn't doing this prior to the latest update. Apart from these small problems I'm getting 60FPS with this fantastic aircraft.
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