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  1. I’d absolutely buy an E/F Rhino. Let’s go
  2. It’s especially fun even after the results of the Fight for Honor tournament :P
  3. [bUG/ DCS BUG] F-14 Landing Tracks Still Will Not Replay As the title says. Doing Case Is on Stennis. They work perfectly for the Hornet. Still convinced that this is related to the presence of Jester data
  4. How is this so much better than the Thrustmaster Cougar/Warthog stick?
  5. Definitely the wrong thread xD
  6. True, but it would be nice to hear from HB on this. It’s the most detailed aircraft in the game, so not being able to film something as basic/integral as Case Is is massively disappointing.
  7. I’ll buy 3, full price. Or blank check, whatever. We can make that legally binding.
  8. This. As others have said, even an approximation is key given the importance of ECM in modern day.
  9. Damn, that’s really a bummer. Thanks for the reply man :)
  10. Let’s say I’m building a custom home sim pit - shouldn’t I still be able to map that function to a switch?
  11. Can’t seem to find this in controls. We have the Hydraulic Transfer Pump Switch in controls, though - am I missing something?
  12. Looking at the F-16 feature phases, I didn’t see the ECM pods listed under phases 1 or 2, but obviously they are listed as core systems. Does this mean they are coming at launch? Or what did I miss?
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