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  1. I agree, that delay seems a bit ridiculous, as it leaves very little, if any, time to react to a missile. I don't know why a delay has been introduced in the lua, why would you delay a threat warning? I hope it's fixed soon, it makes CMWS quite hard to use effectively in manual mode, as you have to look at the quadrant at all time.
  2. If after several years there is nothing to report on stuff like DTC for example, I'm honestly pessimistic it'll ever come in DCS... And that's the problem to me and some more people... as a helicopter player mainly, and despite being almost a new player to DCS in the grand scheme of things (about 2 years), I'm already finding DCS so, so boring to play... I love the aircraft, learning the systems, procedures, and then, what? Always killing the same dumb static AI (my main grip)? Having to spend hours in the mission editor to make interesting missions because you have to tell the AI everything they have to do and their reactions? Spend even more hours to try to randomize them because otherwise there is no surprise during the mission? I, and I think many more people, am eagerly awaiting more news on those development items because I quite frankly struggle to enjoy DCS when it's so repetitive and "lifeless" (compare with that other F-16 sim).
  3. The problem is that despite the weekly newsletter, we've had no news on the DTC in years. We've had no news on the dynamic weather system and AI seeing through clouds since the new clouds were released a year ago. We've had no serious news on the development of the dynamic campaign since quite some time too, while they hoped for open beta test Q2/Q3 2021. Remember that 3rd party talking about a pretty IADS? No news since a year. And so on...
  4. It's been updated in 2.7.11 but, like many changes, it's not in the changelog.
  5. PROBLEM 1: Displaying the TADS on a MPD can be useful to ID targets as a pilot, and George keeps using FLIR only, often with non optimal luminosity and contrast, while during daytime TV has better magnification and allows better ID. SOLUTION: a way to ask George to switch between TV and FLIR with the TADS. PROBLEM 2: impossible to tell George to fire missiles on several targets. Each time you have to go in the target list, selec a single target, tell George to fire, and begin again for the next target. That's not only a chore, that also prevents tactical possibilities such as rapid engagement of several targets by firing several missiles in quick succession then lasing another target as soon as the one lased is destroyed, which considerably increase the rate at which the apache can destroy targets, and decrease the exposure time to enemy defenses. It also prevents George to fire 2 or more missiles at a target within a few seconds. For example that's a problem for engaging Tor on excellent level, as they'll intercept Hellfires if they're fired one after the other. SOLUTION: a system to select several targets in the target list. RIGHT SHORT press would select a target as #1 (a small "1" could be displayed next to the target in the target list), then going over another target, a RIGHT SHORT press would select it as #2 target (with a small "2" appearing next to it), and so on... A RIGHT LONG press on a target would mean it's the last selected target and close the target list. A RIGHT SHORT press on an already selected target would deselect that target. If George is in "fire at will" mode, he'll fire a missile at each target in the selected order. If for example targets #3 and #4 are close enough, he'll not wait that the missile fired at target #3 impacts it. He'll fire a missile at target #4 about 8 or 10 seconds after firing the missile at target #3. After impact on target #3, George will immediately lase target #4. If the missile fails to destroy target #3, George keeps lasing target #3. If George is in "wait for manual authorization to fire" mode, he'll fire a missile each time the manual authorization to fire is pressed, even if the precedent missile is still in the air. Each time a target is destroyed, George will immediately lase the next selected target in the list. If a missile fails to hit a target, George will keep lasing it.
  6. Max range is 8000 meters, not feet. Ground forces, including US ones, use the metric system. So the Apache uses it too for almost everything (except altitude, speed, aviation stuff) to facilitate coordination and communication with boots on the ground. Same remark. Unless you changed the unit system somewhere in the settings in one on the MPDs pages, those are kilometers.
  7. I suspect that if it's a VRAM leak problem, that may cause problems for cards with 6 or 8 GB of VRAM, but not for your 3090. Would not surprise me if it was the reason you can't reproduce it.
  8. It's a very heavy configuration, and high temperatures have a big effect on torque required to fly for helicopters. Also, the Delta model is known to be quite overweight for its engines.
  9. I disagree. This behaviour mimics a human CPG having the pilot's LOS set as his acquisition source, then slaving the TADS to it, and deslaving once it's in the right direction. If you have a human CPG, you won't tell him "Look at my LOS with the TADS", then move your LOS around before he's looking where you want. Edit: typo
  10. I agree, and made a similar post a few days ago: That would really help with target ID. FLIR has worse magnification, and it isn't always as easy to identify shapes and objects compared to DTV.
  11. That's what I did, and it worked temporarily, but now several others AH-64D textures do the same. I ended up deleting all AH-64D releated textures then run a repair. Had a new "Hash Mismatch" error when the repair redownloaded the textures. And now my DCS updater won't launch! I get a "The application was modified" error, then nothing...
  12. No mod installed, no script, nothing. I ran a full repair, without effect. Here is what I get for integrity check. Also, when I updated I got several hash mismatch errors.
  13. The AGM-114K allows a variety of engagement modes and interesting tactics, that George is currently unable to perform. I propose the following improvements: - IRL the AGM-114K allows rapid fire, which means firing the missiles in quick succession (about 8 seconds interval for different targets, or less if several missiles are fired at the same target), before the precedent missile has hit its target. As soon as a missile hit its target, the CPG lases another nearby target, which the following missile will hit, etc... That allows faster and more lethal engagements, decreasing unmasking duration and time to react for the enemy. It also allows to fire several missile at a single target if necessary. For example in DCS, the Tor SAM set on excellent IA will intercept most Hellfires thrown at it. Currently George launches another missile only after the 1st one was intercepted (and the 2nd one will probably be intercepted too...). A smarter tactics would be to fire 2 missiles in quick succession so that the Tor can't intercept both in time. PROPOSITION 1: rework the manual "consent to fire" command. Each time it is pressed by the pilot player, George should fire a missile. If the 1st missile hits its target, George automatically lases the next target. If the 1st missile didn't hit its target (miss or intercepted), George keeps the laser on the 1st target. - the AGM-114K allows to use "RIPPLE" mode, allowing to fire 2 missiles programmed to track 2 different laser channels with less than 2 seconds interval. It allows to hit almost simultaneously 2 targets, 1 designed by own aircraft, 1 lased by a remote designator. Combine that with the ability to fire, like describe in 1st paragraph, the next salvo 8 seconds later while the precedent missiles are still in the air, and that gives the capability to strike 16 different targets in about 1 minute. PROPOSITION 2: add a "RIPPLE" mode to George.
  14. Here is 1 more track. George not firing in LOAL, even once he has clear LOS George_LOAL.trk
  15. When playing as pilot, with George as CPG, displaying the TADS video on a MFD can be useful for target ID and situation assessment. It's a bit frustrating that a long distance, during daytime, George only uses FLIR, and not DTV that allows a better ID, and with superior magnification. A command to ask George to switch between the 2 would be very welcomed.
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