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  1. This is a great deal on a perfect stick and gimbal combination. Somebody ought to jump on this. If not for already having an Mk.I with the Ultimate grip and extensions, I would.
  2. Have a mint HP Reverb G2 I'd like to sell. Purchased in August direct from HP---have used fewer than four hours. Works perfectly, and the immersion of VR is something to behold. Selling because I am a long-time triple screen user in flight and racing sims---and just couldn't get on with not being able to keep eye on kids and the major adjustment to giving up seeing controllers, button boxes, and general surroundings. Will sell for $475 shipped to Continental United States. Comes with original packaging with the controllers, all cabling, USB-C adapter, batteries, and all accessories. Payment through PayPal preferred. Photos are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VofmHvQ6B9Rpt0U6NSv_KVpb8-rq_i-n?usp=sharing. Feel free to PM with any questions or offers to purchase.
  3. Have been using triple 1440p monitors for several years now. First on 1080ti, now on 3080. Here is a post about my experiences on 1080ti and 3080 in DCS.
  4. I have this exact setup... MFG pedals are smooth, bulletproof, and highly adjustable. The combat pedals and damper add even more precision and versatility. This is a great deal.
  5. Pretty sure you'll want to use the DisplayPort, as nvidia only supports gsync/freesync/adaptive sync through displayport (except on HDMI 2.1 like some of the higher end tv's). Gsync-mode is a must with the fps fluctuations that come with DCS.
  6. Just installed and did some testing with this mod on my triple screen 2d setup. Must say it works beautifully in 2d. Have only tweaked on the haze setting (which alone is worth using this mod)---but I'm amazed how your FXAA and sharpening implementation comes so close to the more demanding MSAA in removing jaggies and shimmer. Also appreciate that it still works with MSAA enabled, as MSAA with this mod operating looks better than it does in stock. The lighting and reflections add so much. For other 2d users who, like me, may have passed over this "VR mod"---it is worth a try. Thank you, lefuneste01, for sharing this.
  7. I was having a great experience in DCS with an 8700k (6-core) and 1080ti on triple 1440p monitors. Have since had opportunity to try out 3080 and 3090 on same machine. Main improvement was ability to run MSAA at higher levels and maintain FPS. The difference between 1080ti and 3090 was notable but not game-changing. The 1080ti remains a great gpu that is competitive with with even the latest mid-range from nvidia and AMD. And the 9900k is identical to a 10700k and is an excellent gaming cpu. Have no experience with VR---
  8. This is a crazy good deal for my fellow USA pilots. Can't believe someone hasn't snatched this up. If I didn't already have an Mk.I running strong---I'd jump all over this.
  9. By the way, Mustang. You have given so much of your time and skill to DCS and the community---you certainly don't owe us any explanation or reconsideration. But, damn---your shaders work is too good. First mod I re-install after every ED update. Thank you.
  10. I see. And my confirmation of the ghosting post was in no way meant as a complaint----I have been enjoying your excellent work for a long time, Mustang. I assumed the more pronounced ghosting in recent tweaks was interaction between the mod and the weekly patches from ED. I'll clean out the shaders folders and retry when back at home. THANK YOU for sharing your excellent modding talents!
  11. Yes. I see that ghosting over water in .96. Reverting to .94 solves it ... So it's something to do with a recent change.
  12. Just got home to try out the new patch. Run 2-D with 2x MSAA, on triple 1440p, clouds on Ultra. Clouds look great now. Prior to today's patch, had pixelation on any model (cockpit frame, plane model, trees, buildings) any time clouds were behind the model---but as of now, it looks good with no pixelation. I've yet to see "jumping" clouds in 2d---just the pixelation--which is now fixed. Nice work, ED.
  13. I have an 8700k overclocked to 5.2 and a 10900kf overclocked to 5.2, and have tried out a 3090 in DCS in each of them. Identical . . . I mean identical . . . performance in 2d (I run triple 1440p monitors). This tells me your 9900k, clock for clock, would be no different. It is still very much a solid CPU (the same chip as a 10700k). Maybe VR would be different---but I would be surprised, as the core DCS is still very heavily single-core dependent. It does appear from marketing literature and some reviews that the 11xxx may have some single core IPC improvement over the 10900k . . . but I've yet to read a comparison of 10 series and 11 series chips in DCS. Now . . . all that being said---buying a prebuilt with a 3090 seems to be the most cost-effective way of acquiring a 3090 these days (hence my having an 8700K and 10900KF right now). Got my "Same Day Ready" ibuypower 10900kf, 32gb RAM, 3090, with a nice motherboard and Lian Li case for just a couple hundred more than a scalper priced 3090. I prefer to build my own---but the components in the ibuypower system are off-the-shelf, quality parts. Crazy times.
  14. Thank you, Mustang---for all you do to make DCS even better.
  15. Hello, fellow DCS flyers. After some upgrades, I have a couple of extra sets of DDR4 that I no longer need, and offer them up for upgrade of DCS rigs. 1) 32GB (four 8gb sticks) of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 CL 15. Pulled in working condition from my DCS machine when I upgraded to 64gb. $140 shipped to Continental USA. Includes original packaging. Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7qfM7t1z3uNGoXNa6 2) 16GB (two 8gb sticks) of TeamGroup T-Force VulcanZ DDR4 3000 CL 16. It is just a couple of months old---pulled from a CyberPowerPC system I bought to get an Ampere GPU. Memory works perfectly and two sticks leaves room for a future upgrade to 32. $65 shipped to Continental USA. Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Arn9tps96qDnDxmi6 Please feel to PM me if you're interested in either or both. Thank you.
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