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  1. Looking great Razbam! I pre-purchased the bird.
  2. Looking great! Thanks for the regular updates.
  3. Have you been following anything in last few months (especially the last few days)?
  4. Just purchased my map. Looking forward to November!
  5. I don't if you've been following the different developments but there is a good number of "modern" fighters coming up also.
  6. Thanks for the link. That is a nice website. I see that they pushed the release estimate to early 2016, which sounds more realistic. Looking forward to the announcement of the 2015 modern aircraft.
  7. Looking good, keep up the good work.
  8. Wasn't that site supposed to be up 6 months ago?
  9. I knew it from his old avatar. That's awesome "unconfirmed" new!
  10. This is disappointing news in some aspect but good new announcements on the other hand (over-wing vapor and mig-29!) I am looking forward to the new era that DCS 2 will bring. Thank you for the newsletter!
  11. Looking forward to the stream Wags! I would like to see the L-39 with its new external model fly in rainy conditions near the Hoover Dam. It would be great if the stream started from parking.
  12. I bought your module earlier today. Great plane and looking forward to the EFM. Thanks for the update.
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