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  1. In Nvidia Control Panel try Vertical Sync= Fast. I also have 144hz monitor no tearing with TrackIR. I also set the monitor to 60.I neither need 120 fps nor I have hardware for it.
  2. Would be much more reasonable to FIRST upload the patch, THEN publish the patch notes..
  3. Wondering the same thing. But can confirm it works also in tech folder..
  4. Kegetys man! I don't know what you've done but it's unbelievable what you've achieved here. 60 fps locked (Non-VR) with my weak rig.I could fly fluidly first time in 2.5.6. Only problem it takes a little while to load models in ME, that's it! I hope you continue to update the mod along with ED patches. It's obvious they are not going to go this direction. Thanks a lot.
  5. Good point! I was exactly thinking the same, especially after the last ''hopeless'' roadmap update.
  6. It's not an on/off button. The conclusion of this thread can't be buy/don't buy/only matter of time.. We are not questioning the quality of the product here. Especially NOT Heatblur's way of doing things. You buy an aircraft not a t-shirt! The way it handles, it's systems, the era and the technology of the respective era. How does it compare to newer jets? Is it complicated like Hornet? Will i hate it like i did the F-86? Am i capable of flying it? ? Is it resource hungry for my ''on the limit rig?'' These are the questions i can answer only by me after a while of trying it. Let's think you want to buy a car. It's very well made by a known company. You get inside you can't find any mistakes but still you think it's not the right one for you! May be you are a very tall person you can't sit comfortably! May be you got used to your previous car and hope to find some feeling of it but you can't - In that case what Warthog is for me- No matter what the reason is... Would you blame the company? Or you would think you have a different taste than others ( which is the case most of the time, that's why we all don't drive the same cars) Sorry for the babbling but ''the ONE module to rule them all'' is not a very helpful sentence when you want to TEST an airplane. Stay safe!
  7. Thank you for quick answer! I'm looking forward to get my my hands on Tomcat!. And a general complaint - not at all critics on ED or you!- but it's sad to see game developers /companies lost the spirit of ''try and buy'' hence the demo releases. Chasing free play times is not very handy if you have a life outside gaming.. Take care all!
  8. Well, it does not have to be a sale.. You let it free for a month. If liked, could be bought for a normal price.. I missed the last one. It was a day long i guess and I could not make it. I was really wondering about the Tomcat. But it's quite expensive for saying ''it's not my thing'' and let it rot in the drive.. Trying it for a month would be long enough to decide if you get well with the machine. I was little disappointed -no offense- but in that exact moment i saw that you're not participating, i just asked : Why??? I'm pretty sure you have your reasons businesswise. After all, it's your sweat, blood and tears, you can do whatever you like with it!. Just saying! Stay safe out there!
  9. It's most transparent post to date.Thank you for that. As i'm willing to complain about few additions which i was expecting to happen ''yesterday'', i'd rather give no comment about the deadlines. As a user/customer i expect that all the list's been done in a day so finally we have somehow a complete product - everybody has it's own complete definition in dictionary i guess-, but that's not how things work in real life is it?.. Take care of yourselves.
  10. Oh i didn’t know it was OpenGL.That makes sense now.Thank you
  11. Just check web/youtube for integrated Vulkan API for one of the civilian sims on the market. They say the performance gains are almost %50. No stuttering no hick ups. I wish ED could make this priority one. I tried to not give any brands in order to not break the forum rules. You will have to make an easy guess for it, as there are not so many options.
  12. I've uploaded a new version. (Different Argument) Also the starting procedure is updated. Could you just download new files, try and feed me back? Thank you!
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