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  1. Don't even touch this map in VR - it kills your eyes, unless you want Minecraft pixels
  2. @BIGNEWY Any updates on this ? Night flying is quite painful in VR to the point where screen remain in my vison after removing the headset Sorry I have terrible eyes.
  3. No dice with the steam version only one client can run at a time
  4. Just had a chance to test the arrester gear and " on landing" while the gear is being retracted, only one eye is rendered. When the Gear is static both eyes are rendered. Seems to only affect the gear in motion. you can view any replay of carrier landing. Thanks
  5. So I wait to fly again. putting away the gear and waiting for valve's next VR headset
  6. I haven't played DCS since Hope it's in the next patch!!
  7. As for the nature of the joystick try playing with the curves to get s smoother transition. In the controller settings right-click the axis bind you want to tune and select tune axis. I usually start with curve of 20. Good Luck
  8. clicking the canopy close lever does not close/open the canopy any more, was is a change?
  9. It seems to have been fixed when static. Both eyes are now rendering the same. I have to check when an aircraft lands to see it retracting. Thanks
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