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  1. Very impressive piece of design and construction. Can I ask how many hours it took? Sent from my SM-T515 using Tapatalk
  2. Who says its false? The user asked a question and I replied with what I had read. No need to throw your toys out of the pram because the answer isnt to your liking pal.
  3. Someone mentioned about 6-9 months I believe
  4. Hmmmm could be a red herring sorry guys!
  5. Just heard IT has gone LIVE!!!!
  6. You arent seeing it yet because it's not live yet. The changenotes are live but not the update. Patience..... Not long to go now :-)
  7. I thought I saw a post somewhere mentioning it has been delayed....
  8. "CAP" from the Grim Reapers irritates me! Also too much swearing in GR videos which is annoying when my daughter watches then with me
  9. Only a day to go and everyone on open beta will get to enjoy SuperCarrier finally. I am guessing that this forum is going to be VERY busy on the 20th!!
  10. Graphics intensive apps rarely work well in a Virtual Machine as it tends to emulate a very basic GPU
  11. Very well put! These are unprecedented times as I don't think too many of us have lived during a global pandemic before. Eagle Dynamics are I am sure working really hard on DCS and its modules and trying to fix as many bugs as they can and I know it must be very frustrating for a lot of users but if we can remain patient I am sure it will be worth it in the end. Stay safe and stay healthy people and catch ya on the MP servers ;-) Rattler21
  12. The time it takes them to put the news bulletin together is time away from development which further delays the module you are so desperate to have.
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