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  1. @Flappie Ill give that a try thanks. @Silverdevil Just crashes at the splash screen at start up Lets see if the MB 339 does the trick...
  2. Same here, Im not so hot on reading LOóg files. I did however update my video and sound card drivers. I even did a new clean install of DCS. Crashes on splash screen . Any advice greatfully received Regards & Thanks C. dcs.log dcs.log.old
  3. Hi everyone Im sure its my lack of knowledge but I am struggling to get a lock/firing solutions on the Nasam tracking/search radar when in SP mode using the otherwise pretty good LD10. Does anyone have a simple SOP for dealing with them? they shoot down all my stand off glide munitions aswell. C
  4. Thanks for the answers people
  5. I am looking forward to this plane very much indeed. I have a couple of questions, which I have not been able to resolve myself: 1) Sustained turn rate. Should the 23 be able to change its flaps/wing angle to increase its turn rate in broadly the same way that the F14 seems to do ? 2) If so is that a viable tactic in a merge / dogfight ? Thanks in advance C
  6. That will do just fine :) Thanks Rudel. C
  7. Am I right in thinking that if you have not bought the F4 (when it comes out) that the Phantom models flown by the AI will be upgraded ? Right now they are very old and low res. That seems to be the case with other planes... Obviously you would need to have an updated DCS release to change them. Thanks in advance ! C
  8. Hi Everyone. I have been having a great time with my Liberation campaigns, but have one problem. I set mission time in the slider to 45 or 60 minutes depending on how much time I have. I usually assign all the missions myself and have noticed that in the first third of the campaign the enemy will spam SEAD and DEAD missions that arrive around/near the end of the period designated in the slider. This means my Cap has been used up or if its in the air, is miles away in the opposite direction and never intercepts in time and I keep losing my sam air defense. AS a strategy I have started scheduling my cap flights really late and using fighter sweeps to the front line to have a better chance that the planes are in the right place when the Sead/Dead spam arrives. I also usually try a suicide mission to hit the runways early on to give me some breathing space. I usually play as opfor so my adversary has pretty good ARM weapons. So my questions are 1 Does that slider make a difference to enemy tasking? 2 Are Sead Dead always scheduled after Cap and CAS missions by the Program ? Looks that way. Any advice greatfully received. I'm now beginning to appreciate the problems that GCI organisation / doctrine seeks to address. C
  9. Hi everyone There's a weapon mod for the Mig 21 Bids that adds more modern R 73 R 77 weapons, that is on the Download / user files section. Is that the only mod for weapons our there? I seem to recall a while ago seeing something that allowed the MIg 21 to carry more modern weapons in general - but that might be wishful thinking. Thanks in advance C
  10. OK. Deleted a load of skins . Ran the Local inegrity check in Steam, it repaired the files and fixed it. Thanks for your help people C
  11. Hmnn. Odd. Is it possible to delete a DLC plane in dcs then re upload it ? that would hopefully work. Then I would not have to do a complete reinstall of all of DCS lose all my control bindings
  12. No I had an East german skin loaded, no custom cockpits. I had problems with the clean glass one so just left it as stock. Im downloading the latest Nvidia drivers for my GTX 1660, maybe that wil help .
  13. Hi everyone I have an odd problem. My cockpit gauges are all now unreadable having been replaced by white squares . I checked the Local file integrity but did not help. Maybe its a skin ? Has anyone else had this problem. I will try to take a screenshot Thanks in advance C
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