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  1. You can't expect that much from ED can you? If you look at the buggy mess of the initial release, starforce problems, delayed releases etc etc it would seem to me planning isn't a term they're used to.
  2. They are precise (and loud compared to major european teams :)), the last time i saw them (97) was uninspriing, even in perfect weather. They are coming to the UK again this year, will be interesting to see how they compare to the plethora of national display teams they'll be alongside.
  3. Thanks for sharing Andrew_McP. I don't know whether some of those were intentional or not with the exposure, but you've come up with some great 'moody' shots of the reds there!
  4. You don't see very many privately owned after burning jet fighters, not to mention Duxford has at least 2 Jaguars already.
  5. You've certainly leaped to rather a lot of conclusions there about what I said.
  6. It's not so much a matter of trust but a matter of monopoly.
  7. It's easy to work out these days, exactly half almost.
  8. If the CPU you've bought is not OEM, it will come with a reference cooler and theremal compund already applied, also, every aftermarket CPU fan i've bought has come with a sachet of thermal compound supplied. Personally i'd gor for the XFX 7950GT XXX GPU as it is passivly cooled, but I much prefer a quiet PC.
  9. By those specs and that price looks to me they saw you coming. Just Price up the following on this site. Bigger HDD, better RAM, much better GPU, widescreen 19 inch monitor, all for less. http://www.scan.co.uk
  10. Thats a real shame. Ever since Ramstein, here there have been very strict rules governing the height of aircraft not just in the display box but above populated areas outside of that region. Since then crashes at shows have only occured within the display area, but of course that has still lead to the death of pilots. It seems this incident could have been much worse, apparantly with 8 injuries on the ground.
  11. Almost always a hardware problem? Sorry, but I can't think of a single occurance of this with my own machines, it's always a software problem, be it OS, drivers, or applications.
  12. Well it seems the hack does work then, but the private dll is out of date and dosn't have the correct interfaces for the game to function. Can't really help you much further i'm afraid, although i'm quite certain it's a problem that ED have created for themselves. The module contains interfaces to do all kinds of basic things in MFC apps.
  13. Well the reason to use the local hack is to force the application to use the local DLL, if you try the local hack with the original lomac DLL in the LOMAC root dir, and then get the version name of the DLL when the app crashes we can see whether or not the local hack is indeed working (i.e. should be 6.10.9844.0). I'm from the original cambridge, UK :)
  14. Good luck with getting this one fixed, people have had issues with it since the demo. It is a serious development fault, and one which ED can't seem to fix. Oh and just for info, the SxS files you showed above are for side-by-side loading of assemblies, and it is here that LOMAC will look for the DLL first. Could you tell us, whilst employing the local hack, the version number of the faulting msvcrt.dll module?
  15. This problem was easily solved with the .local fix during the original release and its patches, it seems however ED have made some changes since with flaming cliffs where it dosn't always work. Judging by ED doing nothing about this bug in the original game, I wouldn't hold your breath for them to do anything.
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