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  1. Hi all, sorry wasn't sure where to put this topic. I'm trying to create an accurate mission for F-5 Aggressors operating in the late 80s/ early 90s and I'm wondering if someone here knows the entry into service year for the AN/ASQ-T50 pod and AIM-9M that we have in DCS? I just need to know if the Aggressors flew with those already in the late 80s/ early 90s? Many Thanks!
  2. What I find rather peculiar lately about maps is not so much the locations but the absolute god awful texture resolutions in the screenshots we get. Maybe not so much the Sinai map, but Falklands, Koala and now this Australian one all have Microsoft Simulator 1998 level of texture resolution. I totally understand that these are WIP, but I don't get why you would tease or preview a map with screenshots that make you think DCS map tech is going back in time. I find it absolutely incredible that in this day and age we are getting this quality. Obviously we have some decent maps in DCS but these last ones seems like a real step back in quality. Before anyone starts debating that it's because in real life these places are barren and have no real features, please don't. As we know from some other sims, barren landscapes can look absolutely sensational at low level even without lots of cities or even trees (and btw, I think trees and forests in DCS need a serious overhaul). Sorry about the rant but I'm just dubious how I'm the only one who is concerned about this?
  3. Yeah once I polish it out a bit I might share it Will make a video about it anyways!
  4. Yeah that's sort of what I figured, thanks!!
  5. Yeah I realised there's basically no content at all that I'm after so I'm creating my own now. Might share later. I'm not a big fan of Baltic Dragon campaigns. I mean no offence to him at all, he's an incredibly talented mission maker and the community loves him, but his missions and campaigns are really more like reading a novel where you have to hit space bar to turn the page. It's so scripted that if you miss something by 30 seconds you can end up with voiceovers playing when they make no sense ect and it just feels like you're playing a Medal of Honour game from back in the day. I've tried his M2000C campaigns and Raven One too. I just keep walking away from them being very frustrated. I would rather have no voiceovers (or some basic voiceovers) but a good combat scenario where things can develop without feeling like you are in a scripted film that will have the exact same ending no matter what. However having said that, his training missions for the Harrier were outstanding and I enjoyed those! Anyway I'm now working on my own set of missions with a focus on realistic scenarios
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know how to actually effectively use the jammer now? It's doing all sorts of things by the looks of it without pilot interference when left on. Can't seem to find all that much useful info about it since whatever update that gave it a major overhaul. Is it best left off until you're locked or being fired upon? Many thanks in advance
  7. Yeah still doesn't work for me. Mine is on the ramp so he's "off road" and all waypoints show a speed, and it's not set to late activation or anything. Hmmm Tried. No change EDIT: So strangely, once I put a new unit to do the same thing it works. Hmmm. Must have been some glitch with the first one! So the M4 and M249 soldiers have no walking animation? Just running? Or can you change that somehow?
  8. Hi folks, I'm really confused. I've put 2 infantry soldiers on an airfield and I want them to walk along the ramp. I tired to change the speed from 3 to 11kts for their waypoints but they just don't more... they just stand there like total morons lol. Any suggestions as to why they aren't moving as per the waypoints? Thanks!!
  9. Anything beyond the default campaigns? Has nobody made any immersive single player missions even?
  10. Hey folks, Anyone know of any highly realistic and immersive missions/ campaigns for the M2000? Had a look through the user files but nothing really caught my attention. Cheers!
  11. Let's hope Orbx is just as good at DCS map making as they are in other flight sims. I just hope it's a new standard in DCS map quality and not going back 10y in visual fidelity like a recent map we've had with some mountains on it.
  12. Thanks! Would be interesting to find out the source! Cheers though!
  13. Hey folks, Does anyone know the real-world standard circuit to land for the M2000? Height, speed, ect? Can't find it anywhere! Searched the manuals, forums, google, youtube etc... nothing! Seems kind of bizarre!
  14. Ah got you! Cheers. A bit of a shame
  15. Hey all, Just wanted to find out - is it not possible to get a free 2 week trial of the F1 before buying? Don't really want to commit until I can evaluate For some reason I don't see it available to rent unlike all the other modules... why is that? Thanks!
  16. Download link is not working. Is it still possible to download this mod somehow??
  17. Hi all, this took a looooong time to edit so any likes or comments on the vid would be greatly appreciated!
  18. I sure have, and there's not enough space to get the launch parameters if you use a laser when you pop over the mountain and roll out on target lol. So was hoping to just drop them in CCIP. Ah I see! Goddamit lol. Well I guess I go back to normal dumb bombs then
  19. That's the problem, there is no CCIP mode for an LGB, I'm using the GBU-24 Paveway III... only modes it has are: 1. CRAP PP 2. CLAR SL 3. MAN And MAN doen't get you any CCIP release symbology. OS I've no idea how you can do it...
  20. Well tere seems to be no CCIP option in the F18 that I can find. I need to figure out how to drop them from a shallow dive like any normal dumb bomb. Hmmmm
  21. Hi folks, can you drop laser guided bombs as dumb bombs? Can't find an CCIP option for LGBs. Assume you can in real life but can't figure out how to do it in an F/A-18 in DCS? Many thanks!
  22. Hi folks, I remember some months ago we were allowed to try a new module for 2 weeks or so without having to buy it up-front. Is this still the case? I can't see any option for this in the e-shop. I don't mean the free for all months. I mean there was actually a free trial period for each module? Thanks!
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