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  1. After further testing OPEN XR is what is causing my problem case closed.
  2. After some more testing I found all of my ram after a few minutes in the sim was not committed. 27 gigs out of 32 was being used. I'm running a slow repair to test further.
  3. Explain user mods, like sam sites, and such, or the VR mask?
  4. DCS F18 Multiplayer only. Game works single player just fine. Water cannot be set to medium or it wont render, only low. Now recently discovered my atflir will not render ground textures of whatever it is looking at unless its at a specific zoom level. This all started after I accidentally opened the F18s mirrors and got a black screen. I have since then reinstalled the game. No effect. Noticed also similar to another issue in single player my memory is not maxed out. Not using any paging, multiplayer it is pinned using paging. dcs.log
  5. Any posts on water not rendering on a clean install either? Any chance this could be a graphics driver issue?
  6. I also did a clean install, and it continued to happen. I can run water on low. Disabled open XR and the problem persists. My game didn't know the difference until I accidentally activated the Hornets mirrors. Prior to clicking on the mirrors by accident, my game ran perfectly. Something happened at that very moment to cause the issue.
  7. Man, I could be completely wrong and just not paid attention. Thanks for bringing that up!
  8. Are there any future plans to add a 3rd layer to working with Jester and waypoints. Currently it takes Lat/Long but no elevation. Is there a chance a 3rd entry will be added to the the menu for elevation for Jester?
  9. All described above I can replicate, the jets autopilot no longer functions as intended.
  10. Will the drogue shoots ever dance around or will they forever be static, or at least animate the outer ring of the basket?
  11. No idea who said anything about rent... purchase your modules... i'm saying contributing otherwise as a subscriber to invest... not renting or borrowing modules... Value is in the expedient production of modules by having extra funds to get things done quicker.
  12. Wow this turned into quite the conversation. My idea was to open a portal to contribution from fans/consumers to provide additional spending money to ED's bottom line; not having anything to do with manipulating there time line. The newsletter mention was a half spirited joke to send me a piece of paper on where the extra money is going not by the contributors design, more like a fluff piece on thanks for your contribution here is what where doing with it. Seems like some have received the idea of it's purpose in accelerating content production and distribution by giving them more money to spend from people who really love and appreciate this project be it by those who have purchased everything or those who just choose to. What none of my intentions have to do with is becoming a decision maker in any way shape or form. Either way regardless of money ED would never let it happen; they have their plan. Nor trying to obtain free stuff; why call it a contribution when by this definition it merely becomes another form of trade? From what I gather in this string of posts, not many wish to contribute to ED's bottom line outside of purchasing modules, and donating/contributing to their bottom line as a fan/investor seems to be quite out of line. Wish this made sense in my head somewhere but it doesn't. Thank you for all of your thoughts and points of view.
  13. I recently opened a thread on this. My idea falls along the lines of "make the subscription a choice" For me my subscription option wouldn't be to connect to servers or get free planes. I would like to contribute to ED's bottom line as an investor. Don't take away a buyers decision to purchase a module and go about there day. 847 people replied to this post. 147 +25 said yes Extra 20k in free money per year @ 10/month for development in this small pool of people. 739 just wish to purchase modules.
  14. I see what your saying here, I guess I did a poor job in explaining my position. I'm not really asking for much in said subscription. I'm not asking for free planes, maybe free test drives. The purpose of the subscription would be for people who want to contribute to ED's bottom line with the intent of doing just that. Some of us have purchased every module ED has to offer. Some one had mentioned buying modules for people... I seldom like to do that type of thing for anyone unless I have a solid understanding that my time invested to make the money to buy said module would be well spent. If I buy some one a module for x amount of dollars and they use it once or twice it's not money well spent. Money contributed to developers/workshops budget, might be the difference between hiring one more person to tackle the large amount of work hours to complete a module. You know what I could say would be a good exchange for the monthly contribution. Send us a spending report on the crowd funded money, throw up polls on what you had most interest in your dollars going to next. Lets say we contributed an extra 10k they could spend. They could allocate that money towards bugs, or 8 towards bug fixes, and 2k towards fixing something else blah blah blah
  15. As mentioned above the subscription wouldn't be mandatory for anyone. Customers can go about there day just buying modules. From a personal standpoint I look at is as becoming an investor in DCS's future. I know at some point my contribution to the vision would help things get done, where budget and interest becomes less of a problem. Concerns about whether or not a module will turn a profit will be less of an issue. Especially as we are a very niche group. They can paint a complete picture of a timeline or battlespace, instead of hodge podging random generations of military aircraft pit against each other. If you wish, don't call it a subscription; it was just a convenient word we all understand in it's implied use. What about opening an avenue for investors to contribute. Explain your point of view?
  16. Yes it seems a place like a forum where people come to discuss idea's It's quite strange when people come to them and do that very thing. Strange... I find it most intriguing people who jump into such conversations and bring a whole lot of nothing to the discussion the most egregious of mouth breathers. But eh mouth breathers are everywhere, and we all need to deal with them. Congrats on adding yourself to the lowest common denominator.
  17. What say you about a monthly subscription option? Throw us some coupons here and there, a newsletter, and maybe some free fly's or something. We can contribute to your payroll and keep development moving along or even create opportunity for other potentially less popular airframes to get developed. It doesn't have to be nuts either; create a 5 dollar option, 10 dollar option and so on. Don't make it mandatory no pay to win. People want to just purchase airframes and that be it; great. I can't buy much more; not much more I care to own as of the moment. It would be a way for us to continue to help with development and secure the future of DCS. I'd like to see more WWII development, which seemingly is a small aspect, and carries less interest. fell like this idea would help hire more people, and get more ideas rolled out.
  18. I'm sorry Graff I thought some one else posted that. You have spun my head around about how to read this stuff. I found at sea level shes fine, keeping on the hush hush at 1.5 she's over performing by about 10 kts lol I got 596kmh at 1.5 level flight.
  19. That is not TAS, that is indicated air speed on the dash from the pitot tube... as much as I wanted to believe this plane was faster. If you go to the F2 view, and cycle the speed metrics to TAS(which is what speed charts are measured by). This plane slightly under performs on the deck maybe by 5 kts, but hits at least during my test 596KMH at 1.5 km.
  20. Looked at the TAS report as shown in sim speeds. Nothing is really that off... I have been silenced.
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