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Force feedback issue


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My Logitech G940 does not sense a real FF in Mig21. All it can do is to continuously vibrate and I feel no real force on it. I mean that is totally weakling (like a stall effect) and vibrating (like a drive wheel on gravel).


I have checked the FF effects on the P51 and here everything is normal.




PS: Moderators, please delete this post, I have found the similar issue already reported. I will update there. Thank you!

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MiG-21 FFB ?


Well wao!! hummmmmm doubt


FFB ? joystic doing a buzz sound when activated.. and stay activated after DCS off. ( can cause damage ? )


.. Hope a serious boost with EDGE.. unflyable atm.. ( should be due to 3D polygons count but maybe by gauges quantity to compute ? )

-Polygons/computing optimization solution?

Horrible FPS ( Only for the MiG21 cockpit view and external directed toward 3D model )


Why double set keys ? FFB ON/OFF in DCS interface and in MiG21 controls ?


I barely touch it .. I'm sure there are more but i prefer waiting for a LN's solution on the FFB enigmatic problem to ovoid more trouble.

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Shut Off FFB And Buzzing and Vibration Went Away


This won't ruin my MSFT FFB2 Joystick??? Had it forever and don't want to end its life any earlier than needed.


I did shut off FFB and it went away.

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