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The 10 Commandments of Mission Design


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What Makes a Good Mission?

To help us come up with THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF MISSION DESIGN we posed this question on the ED Forums here.


Many talented and experienced mission designers replied with their thoughts, opinions and recommendations. This document summarizes their responses. Many thanks to the following who contributed to this work: Home Fries , mwd2 ,Grimes , Pikey , Trailer , DarkCrow , Blooze , SiThSpAwN , Belgeode , ENO , MadDog-IC , snowsniper , Wrecking Crew , redterror , Exorcet , vicx , DarkFire , piXel496 , baltic_dragon , SDsc0rch , Andrew Chunis , svenvandevelde , WildBillKelsoe , Dutchy93 , Sabre-TLA




Please review and provide feedback. Once the review is completed I'll post to ED's User Files section.


10 Commandments of Mission Design.pdf


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I'm missing point three a lot on the most public servers. :(

(for example: A todays mission without AWACS/ GCI?/ F-15C vs. F-15C?) huh.gif


Thanks for the summery, though.

I can cross check it with my latest mission.


But I also wonder: The most missions out there seems to be designed very balanced between red and blue. Balancing isn't on the list (and shouldn't be IMO), so is it a major point by the player - not mission designers?



Kind regards,


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where are the other 5 commandments? :D


reminds me of mel brooks:

Moses - The lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen... (drops stone tablet) Oy. Ten! Ten commandments for all to obey!


joke aside, good idea, sometimes it's only hard to accomplish if you try to create missions for only 3-4 pilots that have 2-3 diffrent airframes they want to fly ;)





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Terry Pratchett

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thy mission shall give credit where credit due.

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