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OT heli addon for ms2004

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I agree - Very beautiful, but there are so many planes and sceneries for free. 35 euro is a lot for "no action". I got FC for half that price, and it promises years of fun! Those guys should approach lockon dev team and offer to make those crafts for FC. Now - that would be fun worth every penny!


I'm selling MiG-21 activation key.

Also selling Suncom F-15E Talon HOTAS with MIDI connectors, several sets.

Contact via PM.

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Funny! the skydivers with open canopy higher than the helicopter!! now that's rapid deployment duude!!


LOL :D .. I started to loose a little ALT ... its hard to fly a helicopter and take screen shots from that view:helpsmilie: .. And even though the effect was designed for a C130 it still looks pretty good in action ..:thumbup:



Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction.


CDDS Tutorial Version 3. | Main Screen Mods.

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