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  1. @Ghostraider As far as I can see, that only governs interception of civilian aircraft. One of the documents to the UN mentions some rules of engagement changed in 2012. Does anyone have those?
  2. I've heard in a video that in the MiG-15 you get about 6 applications. o.O
  3. Currently, the RPM gauge drops down to 0 when you turn off DC power. It should not. The RPM gauge (ИТЭ-2) does not need electric power other than it gets from its sensor. The instrument connects via two 3-pin connectors to a pair of pickups (ДТЭ-6) mounted on the engine, one for HPR and one for LPR. Back of ИТЭ-2 ДТЭ-6 I remember when this bug was corrected on Su-25T years ago. :)
  4. And actually, the preferred method is steady pressure, not pumping. I know that some new pilots chewed through the brakes in just a few flights by pumping them. (IRL)
  5. BMD-2 air-drop over Serbia GoPro from the vehicle! http://rt.com/news/204059-serbia-bmd2-vehicles-paradrop/
  6. A tragic event not far from where I live today. A brand new SkyLeader 600 crashed during an opening ceremony for a new private airport. The airport owner who flew it and one passenger were killed. The crash was captured on video that can be found here.
  7. No, the point of having radar guidance on R-3R is not the all-aspect ability. The (real) manual describes that it is to be used on propeller driven aircraft that have a much smaller IR signature and would be hard for the R-3S to lock on.
  8. No, only MiG-29 was used for air combat. MiG-21 was used for ground attacks. In a few instances, the 21s were armed with R-60x4, but never took off in such configuration.
  9. Side by side is great actually, if you can manage to have it.
  10. That video is a classic. I can recognize it just by listening to the first few seconds :)
  11. I just remembered this thread of mine. Eight years later, things are not so fun. :| 2glfvjH5MZ0 http://floodrelief.gov.rs/
  12. In a defense situation, why would you go against F-22 with your top dog anyway? A combination of MiG-21 drones and MiG-25 would be my choice. Or just MiG-21s. I bet there are more of them than operational deployable amraams anyway.
  13. Info was from Bosnian MOD. I'm glad that it's wrong or has changed. EULEX is also helping. Several private helicopters, one of which from Hungary also arrived. EDIT: info was from 15th of may
  14. Worst floods in 120 years hit Balkans (mainly Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia). Serbian police and military helicopters rescue people from flooded areas and deliver food and medication. Civilian volunteers are also helping with boats and trucks. About 7000 people are filling sand bags and placing them on the river banks. Help is also arriving from Russia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Israel, Czech Republic and others. One force that has plenty of resources in the area but is NOT helping EUFOR. They officially refused to use their helicopters for rescue.
  15. Rain continues today, and so do rescues Gazela and Mi-8 in action: Full album
  16. Floods in Serbia. Helicopters to the rescue Full album
  17. That would be very hard (expensive) to do and they don't have much reason to do it.
  18. Actually, in most countries having ANY kind of guidance on your model rockets is illegal, so it WILL get you on the no fly list.. at least your rockets :) As for using a home made missile for shooting down aircraft... Don't see why anyone would do that when you can simply buy real ones.
  19. This is northern Serbia past few days. Winds up to 50 m/s. Firefighters, military, police and red cross have rescued more than 800 people from the roads. Above photo is by Petar Šijan. Full album here. Three photos above are from Serbian MOD. Full album here.
  20. Or in Serbo-croatian ;) http://www.avijacijabezgranica.com/Tehnika/vtupht40/images/
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