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Su-25T active ir jamming

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Just wondering if theres any need to switch it off since its passive...

It also takes a while to warm up so if you like to use it its probably good to switch it on as part of your normal checklist, leave it on and forget about it...


TBH Ive never found it of much use myself (though some T drivers swear by it...) The way I see it, if you dont see an IR SAM launch then youre stuffed.... as for IR AAM's, if youre being launched at your fighter cover aint doing its job properly :D



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Actually it gives you great coverage from the rear. You just have to remember that the cone is limited, but in general it will prevent IR missiles from hitting you if they're launched from +/- 50 deg off your rear. Pretty handly i'd say!


now if you're flying over things pretty high and they're coming up straight at you, well ..


Reminder: SAM = Speed Bump :D

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