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  1. I uploaded a mirror. http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=downloads&subcat=28&file=861&lang=en&PHPSESSID=fb468e6cad5b32effa0cdb74d8fe73db
  2. My "Vehicles LOD mod" has the file and VORONKI.TGA.
  3. Yes, you can use this mod over my LOD mod. My texture enhances the visibility of the burnt ground under the destroyed vehicles from far away. But the enhancement is very small, so you will miss almost nothing by replacing the texture by this mod.
  4. You can buy it from ThirdWire online store. http://www.thirdwire.com/project_woi.htm NOTE: This game does not work on Windows Vista. Player Flyable Aircraft • A-4E/F/H Ahit • F-4E Kurnass • F-15A Baz • F-16A Netz • Kfir C2 • Mirage IIICJ Shahak • Nesher
  5. Oh, I forgot to mention it. No problem. Please install this "vehicles LOD" after the "structures visibility". And thanks for the words, everyone.:)
  6. DOWNLOAD For Lock On 1.1x only. Please use LoMan or ModMan to install. This is newly arranged LOD (level of details) system of ground vehicles and wrecks. This mod was started by Mustang's request, but turns out a bit differently. If you are a ground pounder, you will love this mod. Thanks for the inspiration, Mustang. -Vehicles LOD switching will occur at 2x further range than the original. -Vehicles will have more properly sized lower detail (box) models. -Destroyed planes will have more details at close range. -Destroyed vehicles will be unshown at far range. (Only burnt grounds will be shown.) -Broken wings on the ground will be unshown at far range. You may have some fps improvement if there are many destroyed vehicles around, and some fps drop if there are many live vehicles in close range. But, in most cases the performance changes will be unnoticeable.
  7. AI planes will get those stuff after they have parked. Player's plane can't.
  8. You can set 'day 1' date in \Config\world\world.lua. The default date is June 22, the summer solstice day. This setting will affect on all missions, so you should handle it carefully. My moon mod changes its year to make 'day 1' full moon day.
  9. The analog axis "Target Specified Size" also controls the aperture size. Make sure the axis is cleared.
  10. This small mod will extend the bomb holes visible distance. DOWNLOAD 2 versions, one for LockOn 1.1x and another for 1.02 Use LoMan 2.1 or ModMan to install. Somehow, the larger holes have less visible distances. It seems the effect is hard coded and can not be corrected. Still you can see them from further away than before by this mod.
  11. If you want to just view the training tracks of LO 1.1, you can come to my site and view them in a movie format.
  12. You can slew the scan zone left and right with "Shift-," and "Shift-/". But, in F-15 it moves gradually, not discretely as in Russian planes.
  13. You can run DOS games on Windows system with DOSBox, if you still have those. http://www.dosbox.com/ It will solve most sound and peripheral problems. You can use USB joysticks, too. I played Chuck Yeager's Air Combat and Strike Commanders with it.
  14. This keyboard layout diagram is useful, too. http://www.lockonfiles.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownloaddetails&cid=97&lid=978&title=Lock%20On%20Flaming%20Cliffs%20US%20Keyboard%20Layout#dldetails
  15. You can edit the contour map textures. The textures are contained in \Bazar\Terrain\Surface\High\MapTextures.cdds. You can use ModMan6's CDDS Explorer to extract/insert the textures. There are two levels (high/low) of details those textures have. You have to edit both to get the proper result. You have to handle about 300 files, if you like to change the whole map.:D
  16. DOWNLOAD I updated this mod, because I could pick up very detailed map of the area. Now the line is very detailed and accurate. The line width and color is also changed. For LockOn 1.02 and 1.1x, Use LoMan 2.1 or ModMan to install.
  17. I converted the skins into one CDDS file. So, you can extract "MizzysMiG29.cdds" from the mod pack and put it into \Bazar\World folder, then add a entry shown below in the "TextureCollections" section of Config\graphics.cfg as the first line. common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\MizzysMiG29.cdds"; And you are ready to go. (You can install it as a normal mod pack in ModMan6.)
  18. Hi Mizzy, I packed the skins as ModMan6 package. Only one click to install. http://bvr.jpn.org/lockon/mod/download/MizzysMiG29.rar One problem, though. There is one texture file "MIG-29-PAINT-DEF-5-R.BMP" which has smaller size 1024x1024. I think it should be 2048x2048. I will replace it if you send me the larger one.
  19. If you are using TrackIR to zoom, you have to change min and max FOV values. See my very old post. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=42749&postcount=3 You can use LOCFG to modify these. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=378784&postcount=89
  20. You can extract "EnglishCockpit.cdds" from the RAR file and put it into \Bazar\World folder. Then, open \Config\graphics.cfg and add a text shown below as the first line of the "TextureCollections" section. common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\EnglishCockpit.cdds";
  21. You might want to PM me your meinit.xml. Maybe I can help.
  22. There is Su-25 warning lights description in LO 1.0 manual. http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=downloads&subcat=36&file=154&lang=en LO's Ekran functionality is very limited, and it only shows some warning massages. You might want to try my English cockpit mod for more info. http://bvr.jpn.org/lockon/mod/doc_e/EnglishCockpit.html
  23. Me, again. That's strange. Georgian markings show up only when the country is Georgia. Those should not be seen when used in other countries. When I put Su-25 in my Japan mod, I don't see those national markings.
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