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Pedals without authority and other problems


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He had not used the DCS from the latest updates, but yesterday I tried NTTR and detected problems with the 342.Then I also tried in the Caucasus, and there are also problems, although smaller.



I'm stating:


In both versions, there is no authority to lift off from the pedals (they move, but no effect)

vertical takeoff is achieved, without feeling twisting effect (before, during takeoff, climbing the group had already offset pedals)

At some point it feels twisting effect pedals and recover authority (which at times again lost), but costs prevent wobbling and therefore, over time the blades ohn destroy and CRASH !!!

It costs a lot to achieve and maintain horizontal speed.

Once achieved translational movement, change direction, warping slightly and applying pedal has no greater effect on changes direction. Sometimes I'll take the helo flying laterally

Finally the blades wreck and crash ........ AGAIN !!!!


In the NTTR version also it is not possible to take a gazelle in the air. You strip the desk (in the Caucasus, this is no problem).

In any case, the caucaso if you take a gazelle in flight, this is normal (the pedals have authority and can rotate and change direction at will). This confuses me a lot about the problem, it is difficult to identify under conditions the problem occurs and under what not.

Anyway, I do not know what happens :cry::cry:


I repair both NTTR, and the Caucasus and anyway, there are still problems.




Best regards

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Thanks for the answers.

I would like to say that the problem occurs only when taking off from the ground. If you take the ship in flight, there is no problem with authority on the pedals and usually manifests torque. I will try to upload a video for clarity.

I do not understand that relate to problems of input

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Have you checked all the Settings with regards to Trim etc ?

It is possible that you have some "assist" which may be nullifying the affect of your Rudder Pedals.

That will certainly make it seem like there is little or no torque effects.




Can you tell me how to check these settings ? :noexpression::dontgetit::dontgetit:



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I apologize for the slow response.

The settings I am referring to are those found in DCS System OPTIONS where you find the Tabs for Controls, Graphics and Gameplay settings etc.

Amongst those tabs is the SPECIAL and MISC Tabs.


Look in the Special Tab in which there are Sub-Tabs for each of your Aircraft Mods.

Select the appropriate Mod Tab ... in this case the Gazelle (SA-342) where you should see some pre-settings for Trim. For example whether or not the Trim affects the Rudder Pedals or ONLY the Stick Position ... and Stick Centering etc.


Have a close look in there. I think you "might find" that your settings have included something that needs to be Checked or Unchecked. There is also a Slider for things like Auto Rudder and how much influence it has.


I hope this helps.

PS> This SPECIAL Tab has settings specific to each and every DCS Mod you have installed. So every time you purchase a new Mod, you should review the settings in this Tab for the specific settings for the new Mod.


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