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How to setup LAN in dcs ?


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Is it possible to multiplay over LAN in dcs?

AFAIK, yes.


  • Each PC will need access to the internet for authentication by ED's Master server.
  • Each PC will login as a different user/account.
  • The CLIENT PC's then connect to the HOST using it's local LAN address

I haven't tested this myself but you should be able to test your infrastructure using multiple accounts, DCS installs and the free SU-25T and TF-51D modules.


AFAIK this is how it is done at Sim "meets" where the venue has limited/poor internet connectivity. IIRC it's sometimes necessary to block other internet traffic so only connections to the DCS master server use, say, mobile data and other web traffic, windows updates, etc. don't saturate the bandwidth or data cap/charges. YMMV

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