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Nice article on VR - Royal Aeronautical Society


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Don B

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that was awesome. Thanks for that.


And I agree, the Moon landing was beyond incredible!!!


HW Spec in Spoiler



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Thanks for sharing this with us dburne, makes good reading. I am a new face around here because I have come from the Falcon community and so must agree with the author that Falcon 4 BMS in VR would be the ultimate. But one of the reasons I have jumped ship to DCS (I have been a 1 sim guy most of my 30 ish years in virtual skies) is the introduction of new technologies such as VR.


I had a go in the A10, but have fixed on the Spitfire because it needed less interaction outside of VR. And I am enjoying it so much that I have pre ordered the Normandy map and asserts , and can't wait to be good enough (in my mind) to join an online squad and head over the channel in a 4 ship, part of a 12 ship package to give jerry a bloody nose.


I enjoyed falcon and had the 2nd screen with TM MFDs, and was as long time member of 185th etc and so enjoyed modern jet combat but I couldn't see me getting on very well in VR with a modern jet cockpit. My TM MFD's wouldn't be much good if I have to fumble for the buttons by touch as quick selections are required both in air to air, and air to ground combat. Before I got my Rift I was looking forward to the release of the carrier based F18, but now having flown in thee VR world I can't see me flying another jet before there is some sort of hand inside system introduced that will allow me to podge buttons on MFDs, CDUs and UFCs ( by which time I may be hooked on WW2)


At the Cosford flight sim show last year they had a Vive system setup demonstrating both the Vive and leap motion hands inside system on Microsoft flight sim, flying a Cessna. This was brilliant you could move all switches, throttles and even flight yoke within the VR cockpit. This technology is also new, and is coming. Hopefully ED will adopt one of these technologies and the we really will be rocking and rolling, and that will be the trigger for me to strap myself back in a jet.

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