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Viggen on Display


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Related to my work, I'm for a few weeks in Sweden (Lund) next month. I thougth it might be a good idea to spend some of the time to go to a musem and have a look at the Viggen.

Do you Viggen experts have some recommendations where to go and would share this information?


Many thanks in advance!

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make sure to post your pics! :-)

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A few hours by train from Lund to Gothenburg, and you have Aeroseum:



Highly recommend, of course with Viggen, both a complete one and some front parts with cockpits you can climb in to.

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Forgot to mention. At this one: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_Air_Force_Museum

I believe they have a jas 39 gripen simulator with cockpit and all, but you will need to book it before you get there.


This place is an absolute must.

But don't take my word for it. Here is a authentic swede showing you around. He might sound like he is bored to death, but I can assure you he is extremely happy.

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A closer alternative is Stenbäcks Flygmuseum, it's basically just a small farm where an old enthusiast has set up his own personal museum, but he has both a Viggen (not sure if it's the attack or fighter version) and a Draken, basically just parked in his backyard :)


He's a super nice guy who loves to talk about aircraft, not sure how much English he speaks, but anyway I highly recommend it! I think he might even let you get in the cockpit if you ask.




Otherwise there's also Teknikens and sjöfartens hus in Malmö which is a pretty cool place, although they don't have a Viggen, but they have a Draken as well as a Swedish WW2 submarine that you are allowed to walk around in.



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Just a quick search shows another small Museum that is about 1h drive from Lund. https://goo.gl/maps/3ZwTFYMoGkk


Its has multiple Saab 35 Drakens (Including some Danish Drakens)

as well as a JA 37 Viggen.


If you have the time for a somewhat longer trip id say go to the Swedish Airforce Museum in Linköping as its the biggest and most complete aviation museum in Sweden

(As well as Linköping being where all the Saab aircraft are being built and its also the place were you are the most likely to get a glimps or a Gripen flying other then going close to where the Active Fighter wings are based as Gripens often fly from the Saab Airfield in Linköping)


If you dont have the time for a longer trip then id say go to Ängelholm or Aeroseum outside of Göteborg.

Ängelholm is also where the F10 Fighter wing was based https://goo.gl/maps/8e9im9ewVDU2


Aeroseum outside of Göteborg is probably larger (Been there but not to the Ängelholm museum though Aeroseum looks to be larger)

and its also pretty cool as its based in underground mountain hangars.




Österlens is a smaller Museum so it could be cool aswell.

Though its about the same distance from Lund as Ängelholm and seems to only be open some days a week were as the Ängelholm museum seems to be open all days between 10:00 and 17:00.


And Ängelholm has the added benifit of being the location for a Fighter wing that flew the Viggen (aswell as Being the Last unit operating the Draken and they even operated the Gripen for a short time before it was closed down).

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I'm going to be in Stockholm for just two days this August, anything there to view?


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Thanks renhanxue, I'll check it out.


Alas, yes only two days and the wife will likely have her own idea of things to see...




i7 10700K OC 5.1GHZ / 500GB SSD & 1TB M:2 & 4TB HDD / MSI Gaming MB / GTX 1080 / 32GB RAM / Win 10 / TrackIR 4 Pro / CH Pedals / TM Warthog

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