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  1. been working fine for me, though I don't use it that much while in the Apache.
  2. I get this in the Apache, when I have MR on. Turn off MR it goes away, but then you get some weird effects on the 3 - 9 view.
  3. exactly what I do.... easy peasy...
  4. I sure as heck would hope so!
  5. indeed, as SoH noted, he's working on it. Norbert mentioned having a working prototype, but still needing to be worked....
  6. I'm hanging in there for a G3.... (A lot to invest for the Varjo infra, if you don't have the appropriate hand me downs).
  7. I tried it out yesterday, and working fine.
  8. didn't seem like a diff for me. I managed to take out a T-90, a T-80, and 3x T-72's. Though I had to duck behind buildings, or drop slightly below the treeline a few times. Doggone "Missile Forward, Missile Forward..." via Betty...
  9. just curious, did you remove your fxo & metashaders2 folders? I'm going to be flying in a little while, and will also check if I notice any diff after the patch.
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