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Performance issues.(stuttering)

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Hi all


I seem to get good frames,but get heavy stuttering.I am struggling to work out why and some help would be great.

The only mod i have running is devrims english su25T cockpit.

I am playing georgian oil campaign.My fps starts off at 190 and when i get in the thick of action it fluctuates anywhere from 155 to 120,up and down and the stuttering seems to coincide with these fluctuations.

My system is

i5 6600k (oc in turbo mode to 4.3ghz)


16gig ddr5

1920x1080 60hz

windows 10 and dcs on a ssd


I would imagine with such good framerates that the problem is the fluctuations in frame rate? Would this be correct?

Any tips, or other info i can provide to help diagnose please feel free to post.


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I'm playing on high textures and almost maxed out at average of 60 FPS (50-150), but the stuttering is coming from somewhere else other than FPS.


This is some other bug messing with the engine, not just the HDD asset loading stuff.

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  • ED Team

If you use trackIR turn it off and see if it makes a difference


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