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Radio transmission problem in multi player


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There's a bug in both 1.5 or 2.1.1 last updates, multiplayer mode. Radio frequency is set to a value less than 1MHz like in Huey or Mi-8,


When using trigger "Radio Transmission" in ME (where now frequency setting is in MHz but decimal values seem to work in single player mode. In older DCS version that was in kHz), or

when using scripting function trigger.action.radioTransmission, or

when using command type "TransmitMessage" with controller:setCommand,


then remote clients don't have any sound, any message (if using command) or any HSI ADF informations. It's ok for hosting client.


When radio frequency is set to a value upper than 1MHz, like in F5 it's ok both hosting and remote clients have good sound, message (if using command) and HSI informations.



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In ME I don't know because I didn't use it directly.


With scripting functions no, that was ok beginning of 2017 with all frequencies.


actually, ok only with frequencies upper than 1MHz. I will post a mission with F5 this night that's good in MP.

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New test with basic radio transmission using Scripting engine function.


Strange... When 2 players enter mission, that works (remote and server players) at frequency >1MHz on a Huey. When remote player exits DSC and come back, remote client doesn't have any sound on frequencies. No pb in SP.


Here is script and mission. Same pb in 1.5.7


Mi8, Huey or F86 have the same problem but with higher frequencies like 330MHz on F5 seems to work in MP.



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I am not sure this is the same issue, but I played quite a lot with transmissions and ADF using the MI8. I am back to the game after a couple of years, so my experience might not apply to the current release of the game. Anyway:


the issue to me was like this:

when the transmission start it is properly transmitted to all the clients in the server. However, if a client connects after the transmission starts than he cannot receive the transmission. I found 2 solutions:

1) just start the transmission when all the client are in the server

2) do not use loop on the transmission. Make it start and end, then wait for a second and make it start again. This solution always worked for me. I think you can also do this using the ME without lua, although using scripting and MIST it comes easy.

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1) you're right for the turnaround soluce it seems to work in that way, but in fact, it still a bug that may be resolved one day in native script function in MP and client/server informations management.


for helisimmers radionavigation scripting, this native scripting function "radiotransmission" is essentiel.


2) >1Mhz : this bugs seems to appears since radiotransmission was recently set in ME in Mhz ( before it was Khz) ? that one must be retested ?

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