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WW2 Vehicles Ground Visbility


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I have always struggled to spot the WW2 vehicles as they only start rendering when getting in close. My DCS settings are maxed out during these tests, so that should not have an impact. Placing some modern unarmed trucks on the ground next to the WW2 vehicles, I can easily spot the modern objects from a few thousand feet up, but the WW2 ones only start rendering much closer in.


Is this a bug, or deliberate?

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Hi Warmbrak. Just read your post. I have same problem, finding small objects very difficult to spot in Normandy even when not obscured by trees. If late rendering is the problem then hopefully the objects' rendering radii could be increased. Also, possibly more visible dust trails for moving objects could help. I have no trouble finding steam locos because of their steam exhaust plumes.




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They are rendered at a smaller distance compared to modern vehicles? Now that explains a lot. I was always wondering why I have such a hard time spotting the vehicles in Bunyaps campaigns...

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I've notice this with the German FlaK-30's. I built a mission with a bunch of them, and even though I knew where they should be found, I couldn't see them, even when they were on open ground. So I just flew circles over them while slowly losing altitude and noticed that the suddenly fade in to view at about 1500-2000 feet above them. Before that I couldn't see them at all in VR.

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This the Achilles heel of DCS. You can't see objects at a reasonable distance with a typical setup.

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Just a guess but it may be the lods files are set up differently for the old combined arms objects compared to the WW2 units. I think the old CA objects render a generic shape (basically a cube if I remember right) at 20000m while the WW2 pack units are much less. eg below M818 truck versus a Bedford MWD truck. M818 I believe first renders a shape at 20000m switching to a more detailed model at 10000m The Bedford looks like it first renders at 3000m and gets progressively more detailed until at it's most detailed at 150m or less. At least I believe this is how the level of detail shapes are handled although I could easily be wrong as the new engine may do something by default further out than 3kms if nothing is specified. Guess you could set up a mod for the Bedford and see what happens if you make the LOD3 shape appear out at say 10000m. Pretty sure it will break IC though.






model = {

lods = {




collision_shell = "V_lom.edm";


















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