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Pop-up points' position


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Folowing Chuck's guide I wanted to create a pop-up point at 9 km from target. I made several tests but I couldn't get the position I meant:


First test, at 120 deg.from target (B3): I digited 120090 - B3, and the following pics shows the position of the point U3 (A), while the small red circle is where the point should have been (the red arrow is the direction of flight)



Second test, at 10 deg. from target (digited 010090 - B3)



Third test, at 210 deg. from target (210090 - B3)



I can't see any relation in the three tests. According to Chuck's guide the first three digits should determine the position from the target's point of view, but it doesn't seem to work...

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As Nealius said. Also Chuck has corrected the guide a few weeks ago, I guess you have the old one with the wrong information? Download it again and see.

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Hey it looks like it is bugged in some way. The way it’s supposed to work is you input the heading from the pop-up point to the target, so inputting 090 should make it so your plane comes from west of the target. At one point previously IIRC there was a mixup of clockwise and counterclockwise in the pop-up input (DCS uses counterclockwise directions internally), so it would be correct at 0 degree and 180 degree but 180 degree wrong on 90 and 270 degrees. I think I’ve fixed that since, but had other reports of for example the distance being wrong. Can’t figure out how it could be wrong in the way posted by the OP but it’ll check (when I have 5+ min for development).



There will always be bugs. If everything is a priority nothing is.

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