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DCS >>> I Would Like to See a Dedicated Server on Your End


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good idea, when ED get round to creating a dedicated server exe this might be a possibility , 9 years and still waiting mind you ....

METAR weather for DCS World missions


Guide to help out new DCS MOOSE Users -> HERE

Havoc Company Dedicated server info Connect IP:

SRS enabled - freqs - Main = 243, A2A = 244, A2G = 245

Please contact me HERE if you have any server feedback or METAR issues/requests

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Moin DieHard



How many slots are for you " a high number of slots"?


About how many slots are you looking for?



There are a few server with about 45 Slots and usually more than 20 players on it.


For example our FreeFlight Servers.


45 Slots

Running very smooth even with 40 players on it





I know and agree your statement.


We are annoyed of that, too.



MrZweig - Germany - = vJAG = - -= Online Aerobatics Germany =- FreeFlight - 45 Slots - dedicated

Caucasus -

Nevada -

http://online-aerobatics-germany.de - www.forum.online-aerobatics-germany.de - TS adress: Online Aerobatics Germany - IP:

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I would gladly pay $20 per month fee for a high number slots dedicated server with lots of guys on.

I wouldn't pay 20$/month for a server with the state of online play as it is right now. If the gameplay is similar to the other servers like 104th or something i really can't see why i should pay such a high price.

I would pay monthly for a "official" multiplayer server if there is more "gameplay" added. Like a dynamic campaign similar to "other" sims. But not as much as 20$.

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First of all, there is no real dedicated server, all we have is a script that lets a client pretend that it is a dedicated server.

ED would need to supply a real rework of MP and by extention provide a real dedicated server, but with the state MP is in right now, and has been neglected for years, I don't really think this is going to happen.

There are enough SP people and guys who "buy all modules to support ED" that they can comfortably ignore the wishes of people who like to fly online, to offer them 20 bucks a month just to have a nice expirience is equal to having stockholm syndrome.


"DCS World is the main public build, it has nothing to do with being stable" -Bignewy

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