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Vegas 7

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Vegas 7.0 is Vegas 6.0????


Wtf is going on.. That computer guy better not have ripped me off!!!


Well the full version of Vegas is something like five hundred bucks - if that's what you paid and you got Vegas 6, then you can be indignant.



If, however, you got it for significantly less, or from eBay . . .

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I use Vegas's little brother, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, which is a fraction of the price and has all the functionality most LOMAC movie makers could ever want... and plenty more besides! The 4 channels of video + 4 audio can sometimes be a little cramped when you try to be clever (Vegas has unlimited channels) but apart from that it's almost identical to Vegas as far as I can tell, and I'm always amazed folk will pay so much for editing software.


Maybe if we were prepared to pay as much for LOMAC as some do for Vegas we'd have the flight sim we'd always dreamed of. :-)


Andrew McP

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I don't think it has "Make good movie" button... yet :smartass: .


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This reminds me of this one chick who offered to do some things for me for money. Anything went, so I took her home and made her do my dishes. You get what you pay for, I guess.









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