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F-14 throttle dimensions


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Hi all,

I want to built a f-14 throttle after the success of building the stick.

Does anyone have the right dimensions of it? or maybe a drawing?


Thanks in advance


I have a couple of the original A model throttle quadrants, but between them being boxed somewhere in the garage and my broken ankle, I can not get to them right now. If you want to wait I can get them later down the road when I can walk without crutches. I attached some plans for the handles, not sure but might be for D model, though with a couple of buttons different between A/B, they should be the similar sized. Might help you get started. I believe it is the second page of the grips.








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Did you get anywhere with this? Would love to see F-14D stick and throttle, btw.

Specs & Wishlist:


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