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  1. I registered. So not seeing it. What am I missing? I registered. So not seeing it. What am I missing?
  2. Can we run out of oxygen in game? If not, is that going to be added when the gauge is?
  3. The point of the damper is the hydraulic feel rather than feeling super precise. The T-rudders were great at that.
  4. I'm happy with the generic Amazon damper. I will say my Vipers won't entirely center even on the lowest setting but choose maybe 97%. I run it a few settings up to be a bit stiffer.
  5. Ha ha gonna be a fun day
  6. Did this fix the roll thing or is that something else?
  7. This is showing up gigantic and can't seem to scale it down enough in Cura. EDIT: Must have been Cura. Turned off auto-scale and it came out fine. First print was kinda a fail though. Can't fit the "sleeve" over the inside button and the top part won't fit over the letters.
  8. Definitely want the Sparrowhawk and full F-14B Upgrade as the ultimate B. F-14D is an entirely different animal, of course and it's Kaiser HUD sounded substantially better than the Hornet and the off the shelf Sparrowhawk.
  9. I've been printing some of the mechanisms and loving your engineering especially for the landing gear and seat arming. Still on the fence on doing your jettison select versus another one that was posted here (bit uses more obscure rotary IIRC). Still need to get some switches and ancillary parts. I'm not getting the landing hook. The handle doesn't fit the rectangular sleeve on either end and neither hole appears that deep.
  10. Does the DCS engine support the turbine explosions or other catastrophic failures? Cold cats and failed arresting gear accounted for more than a few but SC is still missing basic functionality let alone things like that...
  11. No full squadrons yet, no and arguably not with his level of detail. It's one of the most popular squadrons for a reason....
  12. I do wish you would do VF-84, though.
  13. Will you share your cap design?
  14. You can jettison bags (and everything else but the glove pylons IIRC) with the emergency jettison anyway, so that seems as designed.
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