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Curved monitor screen


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I started using a curved 55" Samsung model about two months ago and since I sit about three feet away from it, the curve actually does help keep the edges of the screen from appearing skewed. But if you're considering a smaller screen or you sit further away, I'm not sure the price premium would be worth it.

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I bought an MSI-AG32C

Perspective and immersion is even better now with the curve.


I tried my flat screen after a month of using the curve and immediately switched back to the curve. It looks and feels so much better to use. Not only in DCS but with virtually anything I do on my PC.


Check the panel type when buying. Either an IPS or VA is the preferred choice compared to a TN.

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I agree with GregP. My eyes slightly more than 24” away from screen. I went from 55” straight to 65” curved. The curve dramatically enhances the gain from the wider screen.

I’m not sure at what viewing distance the curve advantage is lost.

A Co, 229th AHB, 1st Cav Div

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Alienware AW3418DW here, absolutely phenomenal.


Features like Gsync or freesync, high refresh rate and high resolution are not to be understated at all.

My motherboard blew out a while ago and I played on the 50" 60Hz 1080p Plasma TV and it felt awful by comparison, couldn't read anything, nothing felt smooth. I haven't seen a tear since I got this thing, everything else feels broken by comparison.



When it comes down to DCS, in particular the AV8B, the added spatial awareness is great, the fuel basket goes out of sight as it's just about to pass by my left shoulder, spotting for the landing transition to the carrier is less blinkered, I can still read everything whilst leaning back and looking around in general is a whole lot less disorientating.



The curve completely draws you in, you don't notice it as a curve per se just the sensation that you wish to lean forward and crawl inside the screen.


Outside of DCS general productivity is awesome, I don't bother with full screen browsing anymore I just chuck it off to one half of the screen and use the other half for something else happily not feeling cluttered at all, text based applications can be reduced to a quarter of the screen yet still have the presence they would in fullscreen on a laptop.


Can't recommend them enough.

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I'm on an Asus XG35VQ, 35", 1800R curvature.


For flying helis, being able to look further into your turns is literally a life saver, especially in combat. It's just more immersion in every craft of course. With track IR it really becomes a great thing.


This is where you wanna make sure you can get 60-100FPS at your resolution of choice and have variable refresh rate (Freesync or Gsync). I moved to Vega 64 from RX 580 when I went to 21:9 3440 x 1440.


The other thing that is great, this is a VA panel. Everyone wants IPS, and I've always used IPS screens as I'm a consultant in the publishing industry (at times) but VA offers great colours, and the blacks are deep and inky. This makes a huge difference when you are trying to see something. A darker thing in a dark sky for example. IPS is great for colour accurate reproduction, viewing angle, but I found this VA panel to be ideal for gaming. VA traditionally sucks in grey to grey refresh rate, but I haven't found it to be problematic at all. If you were flying in snow 24/7 maybe not the perfect screen but if you don't want to spend money on IPS, Gsync and 144Hz, this Asus is 100Hz, FreeSync and is bright and colourful for about 30% less than a competing IPS panel. If you have unlimited budget, buy a 4K, IPS, G-Sync display and a GPU that can drive it at least 60FPS you might have a better system, but if you have a somewhat limited budget, I decided that 2K @ 100Hz on a 35" curved display was much nicer than 4K @ 60Hz on a 27", for the same type of money.

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Samsung 960EVO NVMe for DCS and Windows 10 w/ other storage for stuff


TrackIR 5, TM WH Stick + Throttle + TM T-Flight Rudder Pedals

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