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[NO BUG]negative g, red vision , manual pitch ovveride


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Hi...It seems that the negative g in the viper arrive max at -1.8 2.0. in inverted flight the negative pitch is slow...i don't know if the manual pitch ovverride work properly but also without it the negative g are poor. Thank you...






MPO switch is not intended to be used for negative G boost. But I agree that the max negative G is indeed too low.

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i know i know...thank you..i agree with you..i tried mpo for test only but nothing...in another thread is already reported that the real Viper can load about -3.0 -3.5 g


MPO works as expected once the aircraft is in a deep stall.

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I read the performance of the f16c Viper and the g limts are +9 -3.5g


You know where I can find that information?


For example: I have seen the structural acceleration limits for a clean (no stores) 2008 USAF Block 40/42 is 9.5/-3.2g, but I can't find where I can read that the Digital Flight Control Computer (DFCC) will limit or allow a specific G. I seen the DFCC will limit AOA or Roll, and I seen the aircraft and stores have specific physical acceleration limits.


So, where can I find what acceleration will the DFCC will allow in a USAF F-16C block 50 circa 2007?


Please, do not post links nor inserts of the manual, just let me know the tittle of the manual and I will try to find it.



Found that on USAF block 40/42 circa 2008, maximum Negative G command is a function of airspeed. Above 250 knots maximum available should be -3, below 250 it depends on speed, altitude and AOA. Still need to find USAF F-16C block 50 circa 2007 information.

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But under normal conditions, in most cases FLCS would not allow more than -2gs.


Looks like it should be -3gs. The negative 'g' limiter is scheduled as a function of dynamic pressure. Here's the one directly from the control block diagram and I've checked that it's the same for both Analog and Digital FLCS (FSD phase), which are the only publicly available ones.




A dynamic pressure of 34 psf roughly equals to 100 knots, and 184 psf roughly equals to 250 knots.


So you're able to command -3g above approximately 250 knots, which agrees with the 2008 manual mvsgas has described, and also the HAF ones.


With MPO engaged, this limit will be overridden and fixed to -4 in the system (means -3g). That's why there's a MPO check during the starting process to see if it's working properly.

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