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  1. ... so you can imagine any kind of possible options. We could also request options to hear the birds, the trucks, the sea waves, the bullets hinting objects, holywoodian explosions ... etc ... Immersion is something extremely subjective (and quite often away from hardcore realism) ... it is impossible to please everyone. You ask about air-brake. Answer is: not audible, sometimes, with no physiological feedback. This is factual. Speaking about afterburner option is a matter of opinions. It is not factual and is another discussion. Kind regards.
  2. Depends. High speed/low altitude/high air density, yes. Clearly. Low speed/high altitude/low air density ... almost not or even not at all. +/- same storry about afterburners.
  3. What we hear in the video before JFS is the altimeter vibrator.
  4. On AlphaJet, M2000, MF1, Jaguar, C-160 and A400M, airbrake makes no audible sounds in cockpit. On F-16 I can only guess and trust my F-16 drivers friends who tells me that it is the same.
  5. What you hear in the videos are not the fuel pumps.
  6. Coordinates, ok but do you set the elevation?
  7. Hi! TOS is Time Over Steerpoint. Regards.
  8. It is indeed suspended as you mention (should be).
  9. CAT III do absolutely not protect from over G. As said above, it is only to prevent departure by limiting AoA.
  10. Hi! Pilots feels the Gs but not AoA (except maybe thought an indirect effect which is turbulent airflow that you can hear in game). Besides, one can perfectly read the AoA in the HUD. It is the angle between gun cross and FPM. Regards.
  11. "it depends" situation" This is indeed very true and not only for the F-16. For instanse ... some C-130 can carry and drop GBU-12s.
  12. More precisely, landing gear handle ... and/or Manual Flap extend.
  13. Negligible. And otherwise, would would have noticeable effects anytime you are changing engine power (wide and rapid RMP variations).
  14. Hi! Nope. There is no auto compensation in roll axis on F-16 (nor on any other jet I know including M2000 & Rafale out of any AP mode or sub-modes).
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