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LOCERF 08-4 Announcement


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Welcome to LockOn Community Exercise Red Flag 2008. This thread is an information thread only, just as last years threads. It ill be designed to disseminate information to the community about this mission LOCERF 08-4. PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THE GENERAL INFORMATION THREAD UNLESS YOU ARE A MODERATOR.


ease post your questions etc over on the 159th forums found here: http://www.the159th.com/forum It will continue to be the official spot for all planning etc.


Please be advised that the LOCERF rules have been amended and can be viewed here:






The next mission will commence at 1400 zulu on 19th July 2008.


If you are interested in participating in the next RedFlag please PM S77th-GOYA no later than 30th June 2008 at 2200 zulu.


You must include in your post:


Number of Slots Requested

The type of aircraft you request


(for example 51st requests 4 Su-25t's and 4 Su-33's)


If you do not PM S77th-GOYA with this information then you will not be considered for the next mission.


All Lonewolf Pilots:


Please PM with the same information. Unless you have already done so, you will be required to pass a checkride in order to participate in the mission.


The number of pilots that will participate in this mission will be limited to what is considered maximum for server stability.


IF YOU REQUEST A SLOT IN REDFLAG YOU MUST BE ABLE TO FILL IT!!!!!! In the past we have had teams who decided to leave or pull out of the mission at the last moment. Please be considerate of your team mates and realize that you are hurting your entire team by not showing up. This also includes briefings etc, make sure you represent your squad and yourself well and attend scheduled briefings and the mission.




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64th Aggressor Squadron
Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron
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Very nice gameplay


Was nice...though missing lots of pilots on blue side...and no GCI this time. But was very exciting and good fun.


Thx to OrgA ! :thumbup:


PS: look this ( AIM120 shot from 25nm!! (me) and what it did - nice isnt it..lol ) didnt hit but ....i just rofl as i saw tacview.




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Yoda had enchanted his rocket :D.


1st it was my missile 2nd if there was anything magic going on then it was Lockon AIM120 (watch that event - hihi - in track...crazy !! sometimes they pass headon close...and it that case it was chasing better then a bat :megalol:)


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Thanks go to the Blue fighters. You guys did a great job of sweeping our path :)

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Intel i9-9900KF @5.2GHz

MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon

32GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR3200 RAM

MSI RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio

40" Panasonic TH-40DX600U @ 4K

Pimax Vision 8K Plus / Oculus Rift CV1 / HTC Vive

Gametrix JetSeat with SimShaker

Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition



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All I know is Teddy, Mike and I ran into a wall of 8 bandits over the ocean south of the strait. Teddy, our fearless flight lead fought bravely but was over whelmed by shear weight of numbers. Mike and I launched everything we had with no result. Upon RTB it was all over!!!:doh:


Well done Blue.:thumbup:


I look forward to participating in more of these. Thank you to the committee for organizing these events. It requires a great deal of time and dedication. Thank you again.:prop:


PS: I decided to try a solo mission at the end and I chased Max all over sky. Fired everything I had from as close as 3nm. I have never seen anyone do gymnastics with an aircraft before. Well done Max, I thought I had you!!!!!

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