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Experience with F-16 and F/A-18 "ECHO 19 AUDIO" sound mod

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Since the 2.7 upgrade, the ED sound has become very rich. I dont ues any sound mods (Only i use viper audio by hudson001)


The sound mode does not need to be backed up. Save it to the" Saved game" and delete it if you don't like it.

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creator of ED's official F-16C liveries (WP,OS, 132nd, 152nd, 174th)
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My user files https://shorturl.at/cdKV5

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I used these quite a bit. ED have stepped up their sound effects, and this mod doesn’t blend too well with other Hornet sounds. 

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Installed the sound mod for F-16 via OVGME.

I like the mod so far. Quite different that the ED. Not superior, but different.


High G-breathing is very different.

Also the landing sounds better than ED, but ED has more powerfull/loud sounds.


I have no idea which one is more realistic. 


Keeping it for more testing.

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Hi guys,


Join our discord and discover latest sounds updates, a total overhaul was made to most jets in game, join and come to see the live streams and progress with our sound studio development lots of interesting things !




See you there boys!


Obvious F-16 C/D/A and B (MLU ver.)

The Tornado F3/ GR4

The EuroFighter Typhoon


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On 6/25/2021 at 4:38 AM, MIghtymoo said:

Will there be a new download available? 

Latest on your webpage is from April 30th.


We have a new Hornet and Viper version in the works! Ran into some delays on the Viper since we want to include internals on this next patch, but stay tuned. 🙂

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Tyler "Shadow"

All things sound @ Echo 19 Audio


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I appreciate the work this team is putting in to audio mods. Having 20 years experience listening to these jets basicly daily all around the world i would like to remind people one thing. The audio recording these guys are working off of as high quality audio as they may be and as close as they can make it. This is limited to the environment in which they recorded it.  when you have a heavy over cast with a low cloud cover every thing echos and is amplified. when you are at higher altitude with thinner air the sound is different than it is at sea level. they are always close and similar but they are different. So these guys are doing great at getting the sounds to be as close as they can but base on where some of you live and the weather conditions present when you might have watched and airshow well "experiences may very" 

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