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  1. Hi yes, I have the same impression. the change is mainly on the flight model (a new way of taking off and it hovers a little more on landing). Mr. DILIXO made a video about it DCS - Dilixo - Mirage 2000-C The novelties of the next ...https://www.youtube.com › watch Good viewing
  2. Hello, what is the 21h2 update? And what do you mean by reviewing the Windows settings? I didn't quite understand your message, could you clarify please? Thanks in advance
  3. thank you for the answer , I don't have any improvement either. Hopefully after their holidays Razbam will do something so that we can enjoy this map at 100% without loss of fps. Thank you in advance Razbam for your future efforts.
  4. Hello, there are several mods to display the number of fps on screen or in VR, personally I use the one from nvidia experience (of course if you have an Nvidia GPU) you would find it in the nvidia settings. Good flight
  5. Hi there, Did you notice an improvement in fps? after the 8/25:22 update on SA? good flight
  6. Let's save, let's save because this map is really beautiful so any place will be given to it
  7. Thanks for the reply money devil. it was to find out about the snow cover on the massifs if there was a difference between summer and winter.
  8. As the title suggests, are there seasons on the South Atlantic map? or not?
  9. It would be worth it to have soil and vegetation like this on the South Atlantic map, it would add to the realism. Maybe it would be worth a good point to listen to some people who have great ideas like (GEIST) gentlemen proffessionals!!
  10. I think the best approach and experience is to try it yourself. At present and in the state of progress of the F16, no one can be disappointed.
  11. Ingenious had to think about it well done
  12. It seems to me that I had heard that the French Air Force used the Mirage 2000 and DCS!! what do they think of the turn rate of the M 2000 DE DCS? Good or not good?
  13. I disabled the grass in the DCS setting but even if there are no buildings the same thing happens and this since the last OB update. when the maps came out it didn't do it to me. Surely wait for the maps to be optimized.
  14. My fps on the South Atlantic aren't bad for me and my setup. (constant 60/61 fps) in flight. But here's what I don't understand is happening. When I'm on Ushuaïa track my fps is around 10/13 fps and when I reach 300 see 400 feet my fps climbs to 60/61, Until then I always thought of myself as normal. But once in a while when i taxi and take off on the runway my fps is already at 50 and goes up to 60 during the flight and as soon as i land it drops back down to less than 1000ft until it is 10 fps touching the track. My question is : why can it sometimes run at 50fps on take off and the rest of the time I take off at 10 fps? If I can take off at 50fps once in a while, why not every time? Does anyone have this kind of problem? thanks for the help
  15. The mouse is also configured to be confined to the DCS window. Just try disabling this option. car il m est arriver la meme chose et c etait cela. peut etre que vous aussi!!!!!!
  16. Thank you for the answer sir zildac. And to tell you the truth, it's never too much late for help. (I don't have a dominant eye, that's why I always rule on both). I'll do what you told me, and I'll come back to you and report what I see. Thanks again
  17. Personally I would like to be able to taxi on the tarmac and take off and land with the same fps as in flight (ie today 50/60 fps) because for the moment below 800 feet my fps drops to the point that it becomes unplayable ( between 5 and 10 fps max) and that anywhere on the South Atlantic maps
  18. Now what would be good is that RAZBAM optimizes the South Atlantic maps thank you in advance Razbam PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
  19. Personally I gained 10 fps by disabling DCS grass on SA? but I still have a big drop in fps when I land or when I drive on the SA tracks, problem that I did not have when launching South Atlantique, problem appeared in the last OB update
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