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Auto hover not working


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(I'm saying this off the top of my head, so please check this out in DCS for yourself.)


If you insist on using an axis, then what @swatstar98 means for this case is, I think, that you need to LOWER the X saturation below 100% (Y at 100%, X at less than 100%), which is not something you normally want to do. The aim is to guarantee that when you push/move your hardware lever (or whatever you've got there) to the limit, the in-game axis is guaranteed to stay firmly at exactly 100%. Depending on your hardware, its age etc. it may actually never reach exactly 100% (only close to it) - which should be possible to fix by a re-calibration, or you may have a "noisy" potentiometer and your so-called "100%" may be actually "trembling" between, say, 99% and 100%, or worse. So, X saturation below 100% should prevent it.
The tip or tips of the curve in "Axis Tune" window should be flat, horizontal.


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i7-8700K 32GB 2060(6GB) 27"@1080p TM Hawg HOTAS TPR TIR5 SD-XL 2xSD+ HC Bravo button/pot box

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thanks anyway! i can t use a axis because i have a small joystick, and axis used to the view. fuel flow manually to 100% and bind keys to reach 100x100

i test everything and i m just wasting time scince 1 wek, hope Polishop fix this., so.. choppa going to hangar.

thanks friends!

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THrottle full FWD and left there for mission.

Trim ON

Fuel pump ON

Starter Motor ON and left ON for duration of mission. (yes I know its weird. But that is how it works.)

Autopilot ON AP Axis all ON. AP Mode ALT 

Trim cyclic such that top end of diamond just touches the center of control.

Radar altimeter ON. Low alt bug set to 50 feet.


Prior to takeoff at full power. Test AP for 10 seconds.


Hover set to DOP (doppler)


Bring helicopter to stable manual above above 15 feet but below 200. Fwd or lateral speed at 2knits IAS or slow. Roll less then 2 deg.


Parameters for AUTOHOVER have gotten tighter. Yes it is too difficult and time consuming, in combat, to bring helo to auto hover so that minigun can be safely used.

I am practicing side strafe method when using minigun variant.

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