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SATAL 2021 - Presented by Thrustmaster


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SATAL 2021
Presented by


The schedule for matches when finalized will be viewable on Discord, DCS World Events Discord, see you there! Zulu time for those that need to get in the know.
Teams must join the DCS World Events Discord server in order to complete registration of their team to SATAL 2021. Discord will be used for communication, scheduling, scrimmages, and virtually everything else associated with SATAL and other competitive DCS World events.



Due to scheduling issues with teams last year, the continued growth of SATAL, and the fact the SATAL is a truly global competition the SATAL team has decided that teams should have the option to schedule and fly matches on their own time This means that teams can fly any match at any time as long as it is scheduled and agreed upon by their opponents. In order for a match to be counted Tacviews and Track along with logs and mission files of each match must be submitted to the DCS World Events Guilded server and the match must take place before its scheduled date and time on the Guilded bracket. Information in regards to information verification and submission can be found below. Teams must utilize official DCS World Events servers which will be provided free of charge. If a match is not flown early the match will take place at its scheduled time and date on DCS World Events servers.
DCS World Events are proud to announce SATAL 2021 - Squadron Air to Air League! SATAL allows for the action and interest that surrounds SATAC be experienced year round. SATAL's goal is to create a structured league that concludes in a single elimination tournament. Whereas SATAC is an intense 2-3 week championship, SATAL will be more of a slow burn year round competition. This is SATAL's third year and we hope to bring all of the action that was so exciting from last year back into focus for 2021.
All streams will be taking place on the DCSWorldEvents Twitch channel with after action replays and highlights available on Youtube.
Diamond 6v6: 1st - $1200, 6 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 6 Tacview Advanced | 2nd - 6 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 6 Tacview Advanced
Gold 6v6: 1st - $800 6 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 6 Tacview Advanced | 2nd - 6 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 6 Tacview Advanced
Diamond 4v4: 1st - $800, 4 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 4 Tacview Advanced | 2nd - 4 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 4 Tacview Advanced
Gold 4v4: 1st - $600, 4 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 4 Tacview Advanced | 2nd - 4 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 4 Tacview Advanced
Silver 4v4: 1st - $400, 4 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 4 Tacview Advanced | 2nd - 4 Eagle Dynamics Modules, 4 Tacview Advanced



  • July 30, 2021 – Registration opens!
  • August 31, 2021 – Registration closes!
  • September 18, 2021 - SATAL Leagues begin with matches being flown on Saturdays and streamed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and/or Saturdays for 3-4 months.
  • Leagues and brackets will depend on the number of teams at sign-up.
  • Teams should expect to fly approximately once every 2-3 weeks.
  • Matches will be scheduled at 14z and 17z on Saturdays.
  • All matches will be streamed and trackable on DCSWorldEvents.
  • Future DCS modules will be included in the tournament automatically as well as multi-role objectives if needed or deemed to fit.
  • End of the year tournament will take place end of season - TBD.







  • Teams are allowed to register for both 4v4 and 6v6 leagues at the same time.
  • Pilots are only allowed to fly for 1 team per league. This means that pilot 'Joe' can fly for a maximum of 2 teams during the SATAL year – 1 team in 6v6 and 1 team in 4v4.
  • Squadrons are allowed to field multiple teams inside the same format meaning squadrons are allowed to have 2 or more 6v6 teams for example. However, pilots are not allowed to be shared between teams in the same format. A pilot is still only allowed to fly for 1 team per format.
  • Teams are allowed to utilize mercenaries on their team at their discretion up to a maximum of 2 for 6v6 and 1 for 4v4. A mercenaries is a virtual pilot that is not a current member of any squadron competing in SATAL.
  • There will be Gold and Diamond divisions, or more depending on the number of registration, in each league.
  • Which division a team is assigned is at the discretion of the event organizers.
  • All matches will use a best of 3 unless otherwise stated by official admins.
  • If teams schedule a match at their own time/choosing that scheduled date is final and must be used unless BOTH teams agree on a date/time change. Though it is encouraged that teams be as accommodating as possible to other teams as situations do occur if no agreement can be reached the previously agreed upon date/time will be used regardless of hardship. If a team fails to show at that time they will be issued penalties associated with a no show.
  • Teams will be eliminated at the conclusion of the league play based on division rankings in their respective leagues and divisions. All teams but the top 4 per division will be eliminated from competition and will not advance to the championship tournament.



  • Matches must take place on official DCS World Events servers.
  • All matches will use a best of 3 unless otherwise stated by official admins.
  • If teams schedule a match at their own time/choosing that scheduled date is final and must be used unless BOTH teams agree on a date/time change. Though it is encouraged that teams be as accommodating as possible to other teams as situations do occur if no agreement can be reached the previously agreed upon date/time will be used regardless of hardship. If a team fails to show at that time they will be issued penalties associated with a no show.
  • Pilots must exit the server immediately after being killed or sustaining a lost or unusable aircraft. Unusable aircraft constitutes aircraft that are no longer airborne or able to fly. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of impacted rounds.
  • No team member is ever allowed to enter or utilize game master slots during official matches. Game master slots are available only for the purpose of casting and should only be used by agreed upon parties or as DCS World Events staff see fit. If a client is found to be in game master and provides screenshot evidence than the at fault team loses the round in question.
  • A ping limit of 300 will be strictly enforced. Server will auto kick anyone over this limit.
  • If a team member disconnects or dies during a match round they are allowed to reconnect and slot into a new aircraft as long as they did leave their Home Net bubble. This bubble extends 2-3 miles out from their home base.
  • All matches will be hosted on the dedicated DCS World Events server based in a German data center.
  • If a team fails to appear at a designated match a penalty will be issued; -3 points, walkover/forfeit, and the winning team will be awarded (6v6) 6 kills (4v4) 4 kills.
  • Rankings will be used for seeding in the end of the year tournament.
  • A server timer is activated as soon as the first pilot for either team enters an aircraft. This timer counts down to 0 from 20 minutes. Once the timer reaches 0 all pilots and aircraft are allowed to take off regardless of if a ready state has been given. This feature can be disabled if both teams agree to disable it via the F10 menu.
  • All participating pilots must submit their private tracks to Moltar for all teams and leagues. Tracks should be zipped into a team zip and then either uploaded directly to Discord and sent via private message or uploaded to a file sharing site. They should then be shared with Moltar who will download and store them for later use. This allows the ability for staff to view pilot cockpit footage should the need arise and it also allows the ability for Twitch streams on the DCS World Events channel to showcase first person views. Failure to upload personal tracks will result in round forfeits for the missing tracks.
  • Any person or team found abusing known or unknown game exploits or cheating in anyway will be penalized accordingly with penalty points, forfeits, or outright bans.


  • Bullseye is centered between two airfields.
  • The winning team is REQUIRED to land at the end of each round. Round losing teams can no longer tell winning teams that they do not need to land. Teams are required to land no matter what.
  • There will be an engagement bubble centered on bullseye which teams must control to win the engagement.
  • This bubble will slowly shrink as the in game time progresses during each round at a rate of 1 nm per minute when the zone is contested. This shrinking is done to promote combat instead of fuel games and fleeing.
  • Once you enter the bubble you must not exit until the opposing team has been neutralized. If you do leave the bubble before the opposition has been neutralized you will self-destruct.
  • At least one pilot from the winning team must return to either yours or the enemy base in order to the win the round.
  • No pilot or aircraft is allowed to shoot/release any type of weapon outside of the bubble area. However, weapons fired/released from inside the bubble area can target and kill pilots and aircraft on the outside of the bubble area.
  • RTB to refuel and rearm is prohibited after entering the bubble.
  • If pilots do NOT take off before all their other remaining teammates are killed in the zone they will be self-destucted by the server if they attempt to take off from their home airbase.
  • If a pilot moves from being in the bubble to outside the bubble they self-destruct.
  • The bubble script will warn pilots when they come within 10km of bubble edge.


  • Aircraft violations will result in a loss for the round where the infractions took place.
  • Teams must allocate for at least 1 member of their team to be available in the DCSWE Discord server at all times during a match.
  • All aircraft are permitted for use in this league.
  • No jammers are allowed to be activated on any aircraft due to a bug with jammers.
  • Any type of AoA abuse such as erratic spinning is not allowed. This type of spinning causes missiles to behave erratically and miss with a 100% certainty. If you are unfamiliar with what this type of behavior looks like please see this video https://streamable.com/ku0jw9.
  • FA-18C Hornets are only allowed to use radar memory modes of 8 seconds or less. This is required due to a memory mode bug that allows for missiles to gain magic INS for a length of time that corresponds to the length of the memory mode set. So if a memory mode TTL of 32 seconds is used, magic INS will work for a length of 32 seconds. Using a memory mode of 8 seconds should be long enough to still allow the Hornet to be effective, but at the same time drastically limit the impact of this bug.



  • All aircraft are allowed.

  • Weapons Restrictions: None

  • Banned: Aim9x and all A2G ordinance

  • Breaking payload rules during the a round will result in a server warning administered on takeoff for the infringing party. If said party does not return to base and instead flies out of the Home Net they will self-destruct.

  • TCS slave switch is banned on the Tomcat. If you fly the tomcat I need the pilot and Rio tracks for that flight of the tomcat for every round flown.



  • Various mission locations and maps will be available.
  • All matches will take place on all maps.
  • Before each match team captains will go through a map banning process. Teams will have the opportunity to ban maps that members of their team do not own or that they do not wish to fly on. If all maps are banned the server will randomly select a mission on the Marianas or Caucuses.
  • Missions will be similar to the ones used in SATAL 2020 and the same mission banning process will be used.
  • Weather will be assigned randomly to each mission after the mission banning process.



  • DCS World server versions are going to be governed this year in order to reduce the issues with new bugs brought in by game updates.
  • At the start of the season, September 18th, the current version of Open Beta at that time will be used.
  • As each new update comes out a evaluation process will be done by the DCSWE team. If the update is deemed to have failed evaluation it will be omitted and the previous version will be used for SATAL. If the update passes evaluation that update will be used for all further SATAL matches until another passed update is found.



  • Instead of rolling for mission selection like we have done in the past, this year we will be utilizing a veto style selection process so that teams can have a limited say in which missions they would like to fly on. The process for mission selection is below.
  • The mission banning process will take place immediately before a match is to be flown and will utilize the Mission Selection Template.
  • Each team has 30 seconds to make each mission ban decision. If a decision has not been made after 30 seconds the opposing team has the opportunity to select a mission for them.
  • Bans are decided on a home and away team basis.
  • The Away team will always select the first mission ban followed by the Home team. This gives the Home team a slight advantage since they will be the last team to issue a mission veto.
  • Home team is the team listed on the left side calendar.
  • Teams will take turns issuing bans 1 at a time and alternating after each selection for each mission location that they do not wish to fly on until there is 1 remaining mission available.
  • Once the Home team has selected missions to ban and the Away team has selected mission locations to ban using the above method the single mission that is left is the mission that will be flown for that entire match.
  • Some mission have AWACS and some do not. This delineation is shown in the mission title.






*Tournament rules, weapons, and missions are subject to change
Please make at least your team captain available on the DCS World Events Discord SATAL voice channels during match play. Discord will be needed this year in order for organizers to have the ability to reach teams if necessary. After registering here please ensure you also join the DCS World Events Discord to complete the registration process. After joining send Moltar or Coyote a direct message and we will get your team roles that are needed for this years communication and organization created. Finally, please use the template below as a guide and post in a new post in this thread to register your team.
Example 1:
Leagues: 6v6 and 4v4
Squadron Name: The Boys
Teamspeak/Discord: DCS World Events
Contact person: Moltar
Example 2:
Leagues: 4v4
Squadron Name: Genesis
Teamspeak/Discord: DCS World Events
Contact person: Moltar





Grim Reapers
Outer Heaven
Golden Crown
-406- Red Bandits
The Motley Crew
Eclipse Task-Force
Leading Edge
14th VFS Samurais
Cobra Aggressors
ECV56 Condor
Blue Oyster Boys
343rd Naval Air Group
Alamo Squadron
Joint Task Force Heavy
Team Wadafak
Dundee Flight
Gryphon Squadron
Oceanic Combat Group
Harpia 1
Harpia 2

Nemesis Hellenic Aviation Wing


Phoenix Task Force




Grim Reapers
404th Freelancers
Golden Crown
The Motley Crew
Eclipse Task-Force
Leading Edge
14th VFS Samurais
Team Wadafak
No.15 Battle Axes


TORO Squadron

Phoenix Task Force


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Leagues: 4v4 and 6v6
Squadron Name: [GRC] Grim Reapers Competitive
Discord/Guilded: [GR] Bear#3251 / Bear
Contact person: Bear

i5 9600K, 32GB DDR4, RTX2080FE, 2x1TB M.2, Win 10 Pro, Thrustmaster Warthog, Oculus Rift S and CV1

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Leagues: 4v4

Squadron Name: [Alamo] Alamo Squadron
Discord/Guilded: Prez#6839/Prez
Contact Person: Prez

Edited by Prez

Heavy Fighter Elitist
AIM-120 Best Missiletm
AWG-9 Gaslighter
Diagnosed with terminal Skill Issue

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