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  1. Hey there! Some users reported that their CBU-105 aren't doing the same kind of damages when the script is loaded or not (less when loaded). Can you let me know how to fix this? Thanks
  2. Full Team Name: Leading Edge Short Team Name: [LD_E] Team Captain: LaCrepe_ Captains Discord: LaCrepe_#5151 We agree to the rules: Yes
  3. Awesome work dude! Definitely following this
  4. Leading Edge [LD_E] Aircrafts: F86, F5, Mig15/19/21, Viggen Map: All
  5. Squadron Name: Leading Edge Aircraft Selection: J-11, MiG-29, Mirage, F-16, JF-17 Timezone : UTC+2 Pilot Roster: [LD_E] LaCrepe_ [LD_E] Zoltar [LD_E] PilatusPilot [LD_E] BananaMayo [LD_E] Pegase [LD_E] Stingers [LD_E] Tigrou [LD_E] Winnie [LD_E] Repied [LD_E] WildKakahuette
  6. Leagues: 6v6 and 4v4 Squadron Name: Leading Edge Discord/Guilded: LaCrepe_#5151 /LaCrepe_ Contact person: LaCrepe_
  7. @eaglecash867May I ask what DCS settings you have other than that ( a screenshot would be the best) and what hardware you have? I'm around 40/45 FPS with a G2, Maxed out settings except MSAA off. Steam VR SS at 100%, PD at 1.0 Running a 3080 ti with an R7 5800x. It would help on my quest to get the best candy for the eye but still clear. thanks!
  8. Thanks for your help, I've been super busy lately, but I'll surely ask you for some help soon. I need to put myself back into it.
  9. Ok, so... Note for myself and people following, do not change the "NAME" and "TEMPLATE" names in the mission and OOB.lua. Only change the "ALIAS". I'll do a test tonight on the Leading Edge Server, you'll be credited, obviously ^^' Thanks for your work dude.
  10. Yo @ataribaby! I changed units and the groups names both in DCS and in the oob.lua (only the mig-21bis to the actual plane names and the sam sites units and names, but I kept the prefixes.), changed the mission name in the Setting.lua. For a reason, your "enable sky" script isn't launching anymore. I can't figure out what I'm missing. If you have an idea, you're welcome ^^' I would understand if you're not willing to though, no biggies.
  11. Yeah but I'm not sure we have access to those LUAs, as they are integrated to the missions right?
  12. Hey there! I tried it with some friends yesterday evening, and we really enjoyed it! if you ever do a tutorial on how to use the template, I'd be happy to read/watch it, because I'd like to change the planes on the both side for a "korea war-ish" era, so sabre VS mig 15s. There is also the awacs, giving infos in miles and feet, when our planes are in metric, a bit complicated sometimes, especially when you are focused on flying VFR under gorgeous clouds ^^'. Again, thanks for your awesome work, looking forward to new versions!
  13. Squadron: Leading Edge Timezone: 14 - 21z ( weekends ) Aircraft: F/A-18C, F-16C, F-14 Maps: Caucasus, Syria.
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