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New sims based on educated guesses: would you buy them?


New sims based on educated guesses: would you buy them?  

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  1. 1. New sims based on educated guesses: would you buy them?

    • Be willing to buy sims for classifed aircraft based on guesses? (more sims, fun to fly super planes)
    • Only be interested in high-fidelity sims like Falcon and DCS (only really interested in realism)

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Two polls in one week! Cool_t would be proud!


Here's the question I'm interested in: if there was a rebirth of mainstream sims, would you be willing to buy sims based on educated guesses or are you "spoiled" by things like DCS and Falcon 4.0?


By guesses, I don't mean arcade. For example, pick a newer aircraft you like, like the F-22 or Su-35. Now lets say a developer takes all the available info on the F-15 and Su-27, researches the public info on the F-22 and Su-35, puts them together with some educated guesses to give you F-22 and Su-35 sims. They would not be 100% accurate, but they'd be fairly accurate up to a point. What they lose in accuracy they could very easily make up in fun! :)


Would you be interested in these? Or are you only interested in aircraft that can be simulated in ultra-high realistic detail?


EDIT: If you want to know what level or realism I had in mind for these sims, imagine a level of detail somewhere from the Su-25T in FC to the F-18 in Janes'.

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This question comes from my observation of where sims have been and where they sit today. Flight sims used to be mainstream. However, when you look at those past sims, what do you see? Nothing even remotely as remotely as realistic as what we have now. And you can't really say it was just the old technology that limited it:



F-117? Good luck with finding a hi-fi sim for something like that. No, I'd argue that because the technology was crap, and you couldn't really do anything realistic, you had to make up for it by developing sims that focused on the "cool factor" of flying a classified plane (BTW...I like how the Nighthawk in that sim can shoot AMRAAMS! :lol: ). Keep in mind that these sims, warts and all, are from the "golden age"!!


Maybe I'm asking this to the wrong group? :P What I'm interested in determining is if anyone would be interested in a modern version of something like that F-117 sim. Modern graphics and sound, better avionics, advanced flight model, based on everything that is public knowledge about it and related aircraft (NO AMRAAMS!). And of course, some good guesses.


It could ultimately open up the opportunity for more sims and maybe bring in more players. I'm all for hi-fi too, but I wouldn't have any problem playing a sim like that as long as it didn't try to be an arcade shooter and took itself as a serious flight sim.

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I don't mind educated guesses. If they were to do a hornet and it weren't perfect, I wouldn't care really, so long as it was close. (Much close than lockon of course. AFM would be an order)


As for F-22s and such, of course there's not much Info on it, but with the tools ED can give dedicated modders, I'm willing to bet we'll see some somewhat high fidelity Advanced fighters in the near future. If someone (Not ED of course, a modder) were to make an F-22 with edugated guesses and released it to the comunity, that would be very cool and I bet alot of people would fly it.


Also, about these fighters, even though they are mods, I hope there will be online DCS servers designed to use these mods. That way we could some A2A action in DCS before the first official fighter is announced. (which, to be honost will be more than 2 years from now)


Aero out

DCS Wishlist: 1) FIX THE DAMN RIVERS!!! 2) Spherical or cylindrical panorama view projection. 3) Enhanced input options (action upon button release, etc). 4) Aircraft flight parameter dump upon exit (stick posn, attitude, rates, accel, control volume, control-surface positions, SAS bias, etc). 5) ADS-33 maneuver courses as static objects. 6) Exposed API or exports of trim position and stick force for custom controllers. 7) Select auto multiple audio devices

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It's all guesses in reality .. unless Hughes/Raytheon start to release their real data along with Boeing, MD etc so I voted for Willing :). But it has to be within reason. I wouldn't mind aircraft in DCS: BS that were on par with the Su27/33 or F15 etc in Lockon right now.


The most popular Flightsims are the ones with the most amount of flyable aircraft eg. IL2 and the king of sims, in terms of sales, M$FS. Both of those have a two tear system with some planes modeled to perfection, with in the limitations of the engine and others modeled good enough. As long as the standards are high then I would accept that some aircraft be modeled to a lesser degree. I mean could you imagine if 80% of the aircraft in LO were made flyable in BS F18/14/Intruder/ Tornado/ F4 Mig21/Foxbat etc. That would be one hell of a sim.

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I voted in favour of Educated guesses because in the end they often involve some aspects being based on guess work for jet combat sims anyway. The ideal situation is one where an addon aircraft is made and then when more data is released that data is added to the aircraft to bring it in line with the rest.:thumbup:

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I voted for option no 2. There is so many planes which are un-modelled even today, let's say Harrier, Su-22, MiG-27, F-4, F-16 ect ect ect..., some of older planes are classified parts even today so what about F-22, Su-35, F-35 ? I guess most of those 3 planes would have most of "guesses" parts than facts.

Reminder: Fighter pilots make movies. Bomber pilots make... HISTORY! :D | Also to be remembered: FRENCH TANKS HAVE ONE GEAR FORWARD AND FIVE BACKWARD :D


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I dont think we have much of a choice anyway. we dont have 3 realistic SIM's neither 20 good guesses.


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