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X52 - choppy Slider


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Hi all,


bought English Version. Great Game !!!


Well, i want to assign Zoom view to one of the 3 sliders of the X52.


But those slides are a little choppy so, i've got zoom/unzoom choppy inside cockpit, which made me crazy !!!!



I want to filter this, but how ?


Using Axis tune, i can set deadzone, curve... but no filter for this (except the deadzone, but i need filter along the entire curve...



Using SST programming, there is a sensitivity item for each slider, but i cant see any effect inside DCS...


Plz Help :)



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Same problem here, I think its a problem with the x52 tbh. I notice that when I had the slider set to zoom view in lockon, pressing the clutch button (which causes the lights to flash) used to make the view shake even worse. It seems like a power problem for the stick.

Specs: GA-Z87X-UD3H, i7-4770k, 16GB, RTX2060, SB AE-5, 750watt Corsair PSU, X52, Track IR4, Win10x64.


Sim Settings: Textures: ? | Scenes: ? |Water: ? | Visibility Range: ? | Heat Blur: ? | Shadows: ? | Res: 1680x1050 | Aspect: 16:10 | Monitors: 1 Screen | MSAA: ? | Tree Visibility: ? | Vsync: On | Mirrors: ? | Civ Traffic: High | Res Of Cockpit Disp: 512 | Clutter: ? | Fullscreen: On

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As my X52 is starting to get old I get all the problems at once wish is getting me crazy, one of the rotary axis is choppy as hell, the connection cable is starting to get some connections problems (if you see your joysitck lights blinking or if you lose cyclic control in flight you know what I mean :) ). There is always a button 33 an 34 when I want to assign a control (at least it was in LOMAC, I think in BS the problem is gone thanks ED!), etc. But the most common problems is the connection cable and the rotary knob moving erratically. Guess I have to switch for a X52 Pro this Christmas. LOL



ASUS N552VX | i7-6700HQ @ 2.59GHz | 16 GB DDR3 | NVIDIA GF GTX 950M 4 Gb | 250 Gb SSD | 1 Tb HD SATA II Backup | TIR4 | Microsoft S. FF 2+X52 Throttle+Saitek Pedals | Win 10 64 bits

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Same problem here with the x52 PRO!

The slider and the big rotary are a little bit choppy. I use the big rotary for zooming.


It is a problem of the stick. An application to smoth an axis would be cool.

Intel C2D E8400 @ 4,05GHz; Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6; nVidia Geforce 9800GTX; 4GB OCZ; Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum; TrackIR 4pro; Saitek X52 Pro; Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals; Vista Home Premium 64-bit

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Hey guys, I use the precision slide for my zoom, and i use the wheels for other stuff, but i have found when you get that "chopppiness" with the zoom, it is usually because you have another zoom function/command enabled, and they are fighting with each other.


EDIT: If you find that isnt the case, you may want to try using your precision slider, it works well for me. I use the big wheel for adjusting shkval zoom, and the smaller wheel for adjusting tracking gate size. Make sure you program it to have a bit of a buffer zone, where there is no input.

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try disabling key board zoom in control configs (-,=)

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