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EW Doesn't detect threats form C&D

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Hi everyone, 

i'm currelty learning the F-18 and as for now i'm starting to learn about EW.

the issue is that when i start form Cold & Dark, i switch on the EW Module, the sound rong, but in flight, when i'm close engough to a threat, such as a SAM or even a plane, the EW doesnt detect a thing.

Is there something to modify ? Moreover when i start a in flight mission, everything works well..

I hope you could help me, 

best regards 

cockpit 1.PNG

Map 1.PNG

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Your cockpit seems set up correctly, but you're outside of the detection range of these air defense units. The ZSU-23-4, for example, will only show up on the RWR when it's tracking you, which it'll only do if you're close enough.

I start from cold and dark all the time and I don't have your issue.

If you determine that the above is not the solution, post a track of a small mission, so we can see what exactly is happening.

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