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  1. I also had similiar behaviour, but it was fault of my HOTAS. I have override switch binded to a boat swirch in TM Warthog, which stays in on position, not returning to neutral, like it should in Viper. Wneh I was droping bombs with override set to missiles, it launched bomb and AMRAAM at this same time.
  2. To be sure I store targets WHILE lasing.
  3. It's this same with Combined Arms JTAC - on 9999 laser magically stops working.
  4. I don't know about Apache, but for ground JTAC. which also have 9999 m display limit, lase stops working at that distance and just stops guiding weapons (tested with JTAC + A-10C)
  5. Verify if you have WPT boxed on HSI, not TGT. And if you still have TGT in upper right corner boxing TCN in left corner won't work either.
  6. In DCS even Fox 1 missiles canreaquire targets or even act as Fox 3 and home on target without radar of the plane
  7. After last patch with TOO for JDAMs fixed you need to press TDC depress each time you want to save target coordinates to a bomb.
  8. MIDS (VOCA & VOCB) are not radios per se. It's more like, forgive me simplification, Messenger or WhatsUp voice call. It's vocal communication via digital wireless network - Data Link. KY-58 scrambles communication via radio waves, using "regular" radio.
  9. @sniperwolfpk5 you're late to a party. ACLS is already avaible to free carriers. There is Wags' tutorial on YT and there was a community annoucment. On free carriers you also have ATC copied from land bases and you can communicate with it. Proper Cases communication is part of SC AI interface.
  10. In CCIP TGP works as bomb sight - it looks at the point, where bomb will fall.
  11. Yes it is. Problems are: - it works only with single bombs, no with double racks - when you drop a bomb game deletes bomb ubder plane and spawns new one - the new one is default.
  12. +1 And with some quota on the skins. I wouldn't like to enter server with buncho of people with liveries in 8K.
  13. This problem lasts for years already, and it concerns all modules. And it's still ignored.
  14. The question is if you're doing propper Case I pattern, or stright in landing during a day?
  15. This BTR is seen in SEA mode... Track attached.SEA mode.trk
  16. This is great news, but please to remember to test it before releasing in more complex environment than single player with one carrier, so we don't have problems like with ACLS. Single/Multi One player/several players One SuperCarrier/more SuperCarriers One SuperCarrier/Stennis or Forestall One SuperCarrier/Tarawa Stennis/Tarawa etc. Thank you PS WTF is with these paragraphs on the forum ? One Enter press and sometimes there is no space between lines, sometimes there is. Completly random.
  17. When ground unit is standing in the water, for example in a river or a stream, it's detected by SEA mode as it would be a naval unit.
  18. Why is it odd to you? New features, that were not present in the past - it's obvious they won't work in old missions. Updating old missions? It probably would delay the patch, but on the other hand ED isn't very fast in updating training missions.
  19. Nobody said it will be in this patch. All teasers said it will be ACLS and night ops. If you're perceptive you will always find some new features in every teaser. There are few not annouced, or annouced not implemented features you can find in videos. So, videos as a whole are no good source of information what will be in the next patch. Patch notes are.
  20. It never worked for Hornet. Heatblur made it for Tomcat, but ED is still unable to acomplish that feature.
  21. As name suggests - Airborne Self Protect Jammer - it isn't jamming when you turn it on, bu when somone locks on you. Put it on XMT and then some radar station hast to have STT on you for jammer to kick in.
  22. I also encountered that problem. In this same mission (my own Case 3 training) and sometimes ACLS enters HDG mode, sometimes works ok... ish. I had a bolter with ACPL P/R mode.
  23. The mission is old. ACLS is a new feature. It's obvious that CVN doesn't have ACLS and DL configured. I always set radar alt at 40, like during departure, so in case of bolter I'd have this same configuration as during departure. I wouldn't call it intricacies, it's just one option. Learning really vasics of ME lets you fly the way you like, not only how missions let you. They said, they're working on it.
  24. If condition alow you (staying in VMC) you can start climb at 7 nm. But if climbing in that moment would put you into IMC you can't climb, you have to arc and start climb on outbound radial.
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