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Anyone else getting "stuck" main gear indication when gear down is normal?


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On takeoff, gear up immediately airborne, fully up before 300kts. Gear down around below 250kts--usually 200-220, so I shouldn't be overspeeding the gear. 

On gear down I am frequently seeing the gear indicator show nose gear deployed, but main gear not deployed, with Betty yelling "warning" at me for a few seconds before the main gear lights finally illuminate. In an external view the main gear deploys timely in a normal fashion, so I'm not sure why the gear indicator is setting off Betty. Or is this normal? I don't recall it happening before the Sinai release update.

6:30 in this video for reference:


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4 hours ago, Nealius said:

@Furiz The gear deployment speed in DCS is good, it's the warning in the cockpit that's strange. The gear is deployed yet the gear indicators show that it is not.

Yeah you are right, it's something to do with indicator, will need to compare gear out and lights in the cockpit.

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