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F15-E crashes DCS M-T when attempting to install aircraft from DCS Module Manager

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Super excited that the F15-E Strike Eagle is finally here. Thank You Razbam & ED for your work.

So, I went into DCS and it downloaded the latest update ( Then I did a DCS Repair.

Then went into DCS MT, application loaded fine. Then into Module Manager and then attempted the install process. The DCS Updater (version starts to run briefly then it stops and says "Latest available version requires Windows 8.1 or higher. Press OK to pick the latest compatible version - So I click on OK and this is then followed by Version is not available. Consider updating - Which of course I have checked already, this is then followed by an autoupdatelog (attached to this report, along with DCS errors) 

Yet in a bizarre twist of event I tried the same procedure in DCS (non MT) version and it downloaded and installed with no issue.. 

Have exited DCS Non M-T and gone back into DCS M-T and the module loads and fly's and looks lovely but thought it was worth reporting in case it is an issue. 


DCS Error 1.jpg

DCS Error 2.jpg


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Hi. It seems you're running DCS in Win 8 compatibility mode. You should not.

Access your dcs.exe "Compatibility" properties menu, and ensure all boxes are unticked.


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