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Hello DCS Apache pilots,

If your looking for a European🇪🇺 based Squadron to fly with don't look furter, and join our Wild Wolves virtual fighter wing. 

Casual but aim to be milsim if possible.

We are a active Apache group with trainings on every tuesday and thursday. We offer multiple trainings for both the front and the backseat.

On saturday we do missions made by fellow Wild Wolves members. We have multiple campaigns. In the missions we fly combined with all our Squadrons. We also have live AWACS.

Both our missions and trainings start at: 7:45PM GMT.

We also have squadron's of A10 WarthogsAWACS/ATC, F15c Strike EaglesF16 vipers and F/A 18 hornets. And looking for new pilots within all skill levels.

Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WildWolvesVFW

Feel free to pop by and introduce yourself in our Discord channel.








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