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Fog Improvements?


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Is anyone working on improving the look of fog in DCS World? It has been "broken" for so long that I wonder if ED has just forgotten about it. I'm not asking about it because I think that this is something that is an easy or quick fix. I am just curious to know if there is any effort being made to look into it and possibly improve it.

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From January 2023 newsletter:

Building upon the weather enhancements that were introduced with DCS 2.7, we have been further developing weather to include moving clouds and towering cumulus clouds and more sophisticated atmospheric phenomena. New fog and dust storms are being developed that are integral parts of the volumetric cloud system. The old DCS fog is a separate system that is calculated for a flat earth. It does not consider shadows from the terrain and clouds, so it has limitations. The new fog will be computed for a spherical earth and takes shadows into account. We also plan to optimize the volumetric clouds and increase their basic quality. A separate and complex project currently in development is the dynamic cloud generator which will then need to be integrated with the dynamic weather systems of low/high pressure systems and new/evolving cloud types. 

A later task, once the foundation is complete, will be to provide AI line of sight blocking in addition to light direction/scattering visibility limitations for AI.

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